"Environmentalism as Religion."

The group conducted a campaign of armed actions in northern California and Oregon, later disbanding in 1978 following Hanna's arrest for placing incendiary devices on seven crop-dusters at the Salinas, California airport on May Day, 1977. The new vision of reality which emerges with a deep ecological awareness is largely consistent with the so-called 'perennial philosophy' of spiritual traditions. Earth First! [citation needed], The radical environmental movement aspires to what scholar Christopher Manes calls "a new kind of environmental activism: iconoclastic, uncompromising, discontented with traditional conservation policy, at times legal..." Radical environmentalism presupposes a need to reconsider Western ideas of religion and philosophy (including capitalism, patriarchy[1] and globalization)[2] sometimes through "resacralising" and reconnecting with nature.[1]. : The Future of Radical Politics, Last edited on 26 September 2020, at 14:12, Learn how and when to remove this template message, Organization of Communist Internationalists of Greece–Spartacus, Revolutionary Communist Movement of Greece, Organisation of Internationalist Communists of Greece, European Parliament elections in June 2009, September 2015 Greek legislative election, "Teachers' union calls for rally over arrest of ANTARSYA protester (in English)", "Violent Protests Erupt In Greece After Pensioner Kills Himself Over Debt, Called For Greeks To 'Hang Traitors' At The Square [VIDEO + PHOTOS]", "Greek retiree's suicide prompts new protest plans", "Letter from Athens: Greece divided over exit as anarchists and neo-Nazis wait in the wings", "More than 2,500 refugees live in Athens squats", "On January 31, the Greek anti-capitalist left will launch the perspective of its convergence! [1] The Front of the Greek Anticapitalist Left (Greek: Αντικαπιταλιστική Αριστερή Συνεργασία για την Ανατροπή, ΑΝΤ.ΑΡ.ΣΥ.Α., romanized: Antikapitalistiki Aristeri Synergasia gia tin Anatropi, ANT.AR.SY.A) is a coalition of radical left political organisations in Greece. The term Deep Ecology was first coined in 1972 by Norwegian philosopher Arne Naess. Deep Ecology is attributed to Arne Naess and is defined as "a normative, ecophilosophical movement that is inspired and fortified in part by our experience as humans in nature and in part by ecological knowledge."[24]. [11] Three years later in Canada, inspired by the ELF in Europe the first Earth Liberation direct action occurred, but this time as the Earth Liberation Army (ELA), a similar movement who use ecotage and monkeywrenching as a tool, although no guidelines had been published. To date no one has been killed as a result of an ELF or ALF action since both groups forbid harming human or non-human life. How can we hope that legislation and regulation will be adequate while our political systems continue to support the disempowerment of the majority of humankind, and drift inexorably towards lifeboat authoritarianism? The movement is typified by leaderless resistance organizations such as Earth First!, which subscribe to the idea of taking direct action in defense of Mother Earth including civil disobedience, ecotage and monkeywrenching. It does not separate humans from the natural environment. Deep Ecology Foundation. : Routledge. Marrying a political critique with a recognition of the psychological and spiritual dimensions of our condition, radical ecology has grown into a diverse and creative movement. The alternative tactic of using explosive and incendiary devices was then established in 1976, by John Hanna and others as the Environmental Life Force (ELF), also now known as the original ELF. Oecologia profunda est hodierna philosophia oecologica de circumiectis naturalibus, cuius maximae proprietates sunt inhaerentem entitatum vivorum dignitatem suadere, eorum instrumentalem hominibus utilitatem neglegens, contra anthropocentrismum, et totam hodiernarum societatum humanarum confectionem secundam tales notiones suadere. The New Atlantis 28 (2010): 61-74. We offer courses, events and retreats which support the realisation of our human potential and the development of an ecological consciousness honouring our mutual belonging within the web of life – drawing on the Buddhist Dharma and the emerging ecological paradigms of our time.Site developed by Nick Day.
For more see: It views humans as somehow above our outside of nature, the pinnacle of evolution, as the source of all value, and ascribes only instrumental or 'use' value to nature which humans are variously entitled to dominate, control or (in slightly softer terms) steward. Embracing both deep ecology and social ecology, radical ecology seeks to champion a sustainable and socially just world through the transformation of the conditioning factors which exist both within our individual consciousness and which are inscribed in our social-economic, political-judicial and technological systems, in a way that highly determines our lives. and the Earth Liberation Front" in B. Taylor, ed.. Garreau, Joel. The work of many social ecologists like Murrray Bookchin, Francis Moore Lappé, J. Baird Callicott, along with contributions from George Bradford, Ariel Kay Salleh, Janet Biehl, and Carolyn Merchant have offered a valuable critique and corrective to deep ecology’s limitations in this respect. Several philosophies have arisen from ideas in radical environmentalism that include deep ecology, ecofeminism, social ecology and bioregionalism. [20], Plane Stupid then was launched in 2005, in an attempt to combat the growing airport expansions in the UK using direct action with a year later the first Camp for Climate Action being held with 600 people attending a protest called Reclaim Power converging on Drax Power Station in North Yorkshire and attempted to shut it down. Neither does it see the world as a collection of isolated objects (as much of western Cartesian and mechanistic science has assumed) but as a network of phenomena that are fundamentally interconnected and interdependent (as the new systems theory growing out of the life sciences suggests). ANTARSYA describes itself as "Front of the anticapitalist, revolutionary, communist left and radical ecology".

In this way it perpetuates many of the fundamental world views which have fuelled our collision course with ecological disaster.
The apparent lack of a political critique and understanding of the role of socio-economic systems in ecological destruction led to a variety of criticisms from social ecologists. Αντικαπιταλιστική Αριστερή Συνεργασία για την Ανατροπή, Hardy, S & Cooper, L (2002) Beyond Capitalism? Although deep ecology has provided a valuable philosophical and spiritual basis for the emergence of an ecological consciousness, and a revealing critique of the anthropocentric paradigms of our current civilisation, it has sometimes failed to offer much by way of political critique. The Greek word ανταρσία antarsia (which is pronounced the same as the backronym Antarsya) means "mutiny". The ELF gained national attention for a series of actions which earned them the label of eco-terrorists,[12][13] including the burning of a ski resort in Vail, Colorado in 1998, and the burning of an SUV dealership in Oregon in 1999. Left Recomposition (ARAN) and Left Anti-capitalist Group (ARAS) were part of the coalition till August 2015. They point out that social transformation does not simply lead from a change of consciousness, but also requires radical restructuring of the socio-economic system. It challenges this paradigm from an ecological perspective: from the perspective of our profound interconnectedness with one another, with future generations, and to the web of life. It includes work and experiments in non-hierarchical social forms, new economics, process oriented science, and a revitalised spirituality. [14] The defendants in the case were later charged in the FBI's "Operation Backfire", along with other arsons and cases, which were later named by environmentalists as the Green Scare; alluding to the Red Scare, periods of fear over communist infiltration of U.S.[15][16] ANTARSYA was founded on 22 March 2009 in Athens by 10 organisations and independent militants involved in the Radical Left Front (MERA) and United Anti-Capitalist Left (ENANTIA) with the exception of … [12], Anticapitalist Left Cooperation for the Overthrow. There were thirty-eight arrests, with four breaching the fence and the railway line being blocked. radical ecology There is now one dominant global culture, an ever expansionist and predatory industrial capitalism, valuing profit above life. Social ecologists and ecofeminists have pointed out how the exploitation of nature has gone hand in hand with the exploitation of other humans in various hierarchical, militaristic, capitalist and industrialist forms. [8] These organisations come from different left wing currents ranging from ex-KKE and KKE Interior members to Maoism and Trotskyism. Αντικαπιταλιστική Αριστερή Συνεργασία για την Ανατροπή, ΑΝΤ.ΑΡ.ΣΥ.Α. clouds header.jpg, self + society: a radical response - an overview. 田村 光彰(たむら みつあき、1946年 [1] - )は、日本のドイツ研究者 [2] 、ヨーロッパ地域研究者 [3] 、いしかわ教育総合研究所所長 [1]。 ともに第二次世界大戦の敗戦国である日本とドイツの戦後反省や、ヨーロッパにおける移民や難民の問題に関心を寄せた研究をしている [1]

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