The graph is decorated with images of a frowning Obama over the bars representing 2010-16, and a smiling Trump for 2017 and 2018.

The trial was set for five months later, on 13 December 2019. The statistics represent only a fraction of the actual victims; most are never detected. According to India’s National Crime Records Bureau, West Bengal accounted for almost a quarter of the 34,908 cases of human trafficking reported in the … The woman had offered to pay for Susan’s journey to Europe and promised she would get decent, paid work when she arrived. “I’m being held in a bad place,” she said. “She had provided a copy of her notebook, photos, names and personal information about her traffickers,” De Masi said. For a newly sold girl, the trauma of having been taken from her home by manipulation or force can be so intense that the brothel environment, with the other young girls, can even seem comforting at first. When police officers stopped Marianne again and tried to put her in a shelter for the second time, she escaped again. None of the victims were required to attend in person, but De Masi and Quinto were there to see the traffickers, who had caused so much pain and suffering, brought to justice. Both Ivie and the new madam were calling her. She started working at a factory, packaging snacks. Sayeda, seated to my right, was the keenest to talk. These vendors might be among the more fortunate of the area’s inhabitants, many of whom live in abject poverty.

If survivors do file a complaint, their families back home are at risk of retaliation.

At each step along her journey to Europe, Susan had been picked up by different sets of middle men, who were co-ordinating their operations via phone with Ivie, her madam in Italy. (Read more about our partnership with Facebook.

Sayeda was beautiful, with a delicately chiseled face and almond-shaped eyes, and liked wearing makeup. Susan was among them, exhausted but determined to avoid deportation. “The goal was to intimidate me,” Banerjee said. And like Sayeda, Anjali loved wearing makeup.

Arriving at night, they walked through a forest until they got to a riverbank. White House press release, "President Donald J. Trump is fighting to prevent human trafficking at the southern border," Feb. 1, 2019, White House press release, "President Donald J. Trump is working to end human trafficking," March 13, 2018, The Washington Examiner, "US human trafficking arrests hit all-time high in 2016," Jan. 23, 2017, Contemptor, "How a QAnon talking point traveled from 8Chan to Charlie Kirk’s Twitter account," Sep. 12, 2018, PolitiFact, "QAnon and Donald Trump rallies: What’s that about?" “We cried so much,” she told me, recalling how Sayeda used to make everyone laugh. (The Reddit page has since been banned.). He stands between Jagdeep Singh Rawat, an anti-trafficking activist with Shakti Vahini, and police officer Shibendu Ghosh in the Mathurapur Police Station in South 24 Parganas. Her father listened from the other room, where he sat on the floor, staring blankly at the wall. By the time arrest warrants were issued for the four Nigerian madams, police had lost all trace of the girls. They didn’t want to say much about the sexual abuse. “When I get home, I’ll say Allah’s name and learn the Quran,” Sayeda said, adding that she would try to get a job at the beauty parlor where she’d worked. According to the graph, the number of human trafficking arrests per year ranged from 300 to 1,952 during the Obama presidency, and then skyrocketed after Trump became president, to 3,213 in 2017 and then to 5,987 in 2018. But the women around her were not laughing. Some women shouted in anger, others started to cry. After they’d confirmed that Mala was in the brothel, the officers alerted the rescue team with a phone call. Every transaction she wrote down was evidence of what she was forced to endure. Undercover investigators for these nonprofits visit brothels and dance bars posing as customers.

Sayeda confronted her boyfriend, and he told her she was going to work in a brothel. The madam was frustrated by Marianne’s meagre earnings: “You didn’t come to Europe to play!” she shouted at her in a phone conversation that was intercepted by agents. “That’s when I decided to leave,” Susan said. (In India, commercial sex work is legal, but many activities associated with the trade, such as pimping or running a brothel, are illegal, as is engaging children in prostitution.)

Besides being raised by mothers who worked as maids, Anjali shared Sayeda’s passion for music, even though she wasn’t drawn to performing. What she loved most was to dance.

“I don’t respond to them,” she said. Many cases are never reported. In July 2017, police in South 24 Parganas arrested her alleged trafficker—Farrak Ali Gayen, a gangly 23-year-old who matched her description.

Reported share of girls trafficked in 2016. The increase may reflect improved enforcement, but researchers believe it more likely reflects a grimmer reality—that human trafficking, including the trafficking of children for prostitution, is on the rise. RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — The General Assembly has passed two identical bills intended to help social workers in the fight against minor-involved human trafficking.

“If I could choose, I would like to help old women.” She is now waiting for the Italian asylum commission to re-evaluate her case and to have her documents renewed. Because detecting child prostitution is difficult, the report conceded that the actual number was likely far higher.

“We should roll out a red carpet for trafficking survivors,” De Masi told me.

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