-Placed units can be sold for their full price, freeing up gold for new units. -Da Vinci tanks will attempt to dodge a boulder’s path, but they can only move sideways. -The Balloon and Cow boulders are excellent choices for maps with hard-to-reach shortcuts. When the halo reappears, the ability is ready to use again. Of course there are different type of boulders you can throw at your opponents that can change-up how the game is played. Rock of Ages 2: Bigger & Boulder – General Tips & Tricks, Into the Breach - Hold the Line Achievement Guide, Kingdom Two Crowns – The Catapult Station, The Defender: Farm and Castle - Useful Tips & Tricks, Teamfight Tactics (TFT) – General Gold Management Tips, 12 Labours of Hercules IV: Mother Nature - Puzzle…. Required fields are marked *. While we were only able to test a 1v1 War match locally, which played great, we can only imagine what sort of chaos 4 player co-operative wars would be. Weight: 133, Strength: 1600 This is also an instance where weird does equal good, as the game is addictive, challenging and most of all, just fun. Utilizing them this way allows you to hide them behind other structures. Weight: 100, Strength: 1700 In a game where speed and strength are incredibly important, having two weak stats is not so good. - Viewer's Choice: Monkeybone, Resident Evil 7 : A twisted masterpiece in horror and storytelling. -The Sand boulder absorbs a significant amount of knockback caused by projectiles. -The Gunpowder boulder can be detonated intentionally by resting on its fuse. -Whales can only withstand so much force. -The Elephant’s tower can be destroyed without knocking down the animal. Share ; General Tips & Tricks-Cows will unattach from boulders when hit or launched with enough force, or after being rolled over 3 times. We’ll update the review when we have more time with the game online. All rendered with highly improved destruction / physics and effects - powered by our first Unreal Engine 4 game. -The Tar and Paint boulders make grid squares unusable after leaving splats on them. Destructive power: 180. Weight: 91, Strength: 1800

Speed: 19. They add an interesting layer of strategy and decision making when preparing for a war match, and are unique and feel different to the other boulders of Rock of Ages II. Selecting a shortcut will instantly move your view to that landmark.

Boulders gain temporary resistance to repeated hits of the same projectile, so avoid this by mixing up your units. Destructive power: 150

The goal is to defeat your opponent by throwing a boulder at their gates until it breaks. -Camera shortcuts for mines only appear when the Bank is selected. Learn how your comment data is processed. In the Story-Mode for Rock of Ages 2, players take on the role of Atlas, who accidentally dropped the world from his shoulders and separated the continents. The stronger the blow, the more gold you get. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. What Were They Thinking? Speed: 22 -The Prehistoric Wheel is the fastest boulder, but it’s also much more difficult to maneuver. How to Fix The Stars End Performance Issues / Lag / Low FPS, Wrestling Revolution 3D – Real Names of Wrestlers, Valorant – PC Crashing or Black Screen on Launch Issue – Fix, How to Fix Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Complete Edition (PC) Performance Issues / Lag / Low FPS, MGW: Video Game Cheats, Cheat Codes, Guides.

-The Gunpowder boulder can do huge damage to castle doors, but only if it makes it there intact. Weight: 100, Strength: 2200 -Balloon and Cow boulders can float. -The Cruciger boulder’s cross will hinder your speed at first, but it will break off once rolled over enough times. Weight: 100, Your email address will not be published. The main advantage that Balloon Boulders have is pretty clear: They are light which allows them to jump higher. They’re fun little in-between that serve as a fun cut-away to the opponent you’re up against, but doesn’t really do much to deliver a story.

Weight: 33, Strength: 3000 - The Glimmer Man, For Screen and Country - Chariots of Fire (#19), What Were They Thinking? Weight: 50, Strength: 1800 Required fields are marked *. Please contact us if you have any trouble resetting your password. Highlight a unit to make the option available. Speed: 22 -Equipping multiple boulders for a War match grants different offensive options, but each one takes up two slots that could be used for more defensive unit variety. Rock of Ages 2: Bigger & Boulder – All Boulder Statistics. Acceleration: 10 The castle’s health bar will appear orange to indicate this added resistance. Weight: 100, Strength: 2600 This review of Rock of Ages 2: Bigger & Boulder is based on the review copy provided by Atlus.

Speed: 21 Unless your goal is to invalidate those squares, try staying airborne over them. One of the big enhancements to the game is definitely found in its multiplayer, with local and online modes available, up to 4 players can team up for a 2v2 War matches or free-for-all Obstacle Course races. -The Da Vinci tank’s cannons fire and reload independently of each other. -Ramming the castle door is one of the best sources of gold. Choosing your arsenal of defensive units and boulders is the key to winning a match.

Full list of all 14 Rock of Ages II: Bigger and Boulder achievements worth 1,000 gamerscore. -Story mode’s difficulty can be changed at any time via the pop-up menu that appears when approaching a map in the overworld. In general regular boulders jump less high than in the first game. -Whales must rest briefly after spitting out a boulder. Disney Infinity Finding Dory leaked on Mac and Cheese box, A time sink marvel - Avengers Academy Review, The Floor is Lava Zombie Edition - Dying Light Review, Lex Luthor and Bane confirmed for Injustice: Gods Amongst Us. -Strike an explosive barrel with a Thunder Bolt to trigger a larger, more powerful explosion. You also receive 700 gold just for building a boulder, which helps when you don’t manage to complete a run.

Hit one at full speed to knock it down, even when it’s trying to suck you in. -Banks are the most efficient way to earn gold. Balloon boulders can jump obstacles that regular boulders would need to go through, losing health & speed.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. New impressive art periods, more historical characters and the funniest story clips we've ever made. (So jumping has been nerfed a bit).

-Boulders become less effective after losing mass from damage. - A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy's Revenge, For Screen and Country - Educating Rita (#84), What Were They Thinking? -Fireworks do less damage than Explosives when rolled into, but they can attack in other situations too. It can get past super well defended areas and clear the path for your friend. I know what you're thinking: That's OP! Acceleration: 13 -Heavier boulders have the benefit of reducing knockback from units like the Bull or Springboard. -Your first boulder in a match will always take longer to build. Destructive power: 180 Speed: 29 If it starts glowing intensely red, rolling over its fuse again can cause it to explode. Destructive power: 250 Weight: 100, Strength: 1800 Weight: 91. Acceleration: 10

- Bordello of Blood, For Screen and Country - Awards and Official Rankings Episode #3, What Were They Thinking? -When a War match begins, your side of the battlefield will pulsate with your team color. -Selecting a Bank for placement will highlight all mines on the map, allowing you to locate them more easily. While weird may be a great selling point for most people, I can only say to give this game a chance and let ACE Team’s trademark quirkiness win you over. Learn how your comment data is processed.

-The Prehistoric Wheel and Block of Ages cannot be grabbed by cows or the lion anchor from the Balloon unit. Speed: 19 Speed: 23 Speed: 19 -Different boulders have different attributes, and some are more useful on certain maps. -A boulder’s strength attribute indicates how much damage it can withstand before being destroyed. Destructive power: 200 An inflated cow?!? -Don’t disregard the standard boulders. All Towers serve as nodes from which you can build and connect new wall extensions. Rock of Ages 2. Rock of Ages 2 gameplay is simple yet challenging at the same time. Destructive power: 200 -Mines have finite resources. Acceleration: 9 [rollup="Follow ACE Team"]Rock of Ages 2 Steam community hubACE Team website (Under construction)ACE Team group on SteamRedditTwitterFacebookYoutubeTumblrInstagramGoogle+IndieDBACE Team forumsSteam CuratorPinterest?????????[/rollup].

Check the horizontal guideline that appears when placing them to ensure they’ll move along the path you want.

Appropriately enough for a sequel, Rock of Ages II gives you more to work with in both areas.

Weight: 200, Strength: 1500 -The Bull of Heaven’s shockwave attack doesn’t affect airborne boulders. Acceleration: 10

Destructive power: 150 Destructive power: 200 These are the most well-rounded rocks to choose from. By now you may know that in Rock of Ages II different boulders have different attributes, and you can choose unique ones to play in your matches. -In teamplay, all strategies are valid.

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