You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. . Since the witch trials ended, the colony also began to suffer many misfortunes such as droughts, crop failures, smallpox outbreaks and Native-American attacks and many began to wonder if God was punishing them for their mistake.

Think it was her kids. Rebecca Eames No way to fight its power. Alice Parker (September 22, 1692) When was this site last edited? On October 31, 2001, the state amended the 1957 apology and cleared the names of the remaining unnamed victims, stating: “Chapter 145 of the resolves of 1957 is hereby amended by striking out, in line 1, the words ‘One Ann Pudeator and certain other persons’ and inserting in place thereof the following words:- Ann Pudeator, Bridget Bishop, Susannah Martin, Alice Parker, Margaret Scott and Wilmot Redd.“. I am totally shocked to be related in this way. “History of the Salem Witch Trials.” History of Massachusetts Blog, 18 Aug. 2011, Thank-you for the great info you have shared. Absentee Ballot vs. Mail-In Ballot: Is There A Difference? Close to 200 people … Thirteen women and five men from all stations of life followed her to the gallows on three successive hanging days before the court was disbanded by Governor William Phipps in October of that year. The Witchcraft Trials in Salem: An Account, Chronology of Events Relating To The Salem Witchcraft Trials, Warrant For The Arrest Of Elizabeth Proctor And Sarah Cloyce, Biographies of Key Figures in the Salem Witchcraft Trials, Map of Salem Village in 1692 ( W. P. Upham), Petitions of Two Convicted Witches Awaiting Execution, Examinations of Some of The Accused Witches In Salem,1692, Two Letters of Gov. Sarah Osburn

Sarah Good (July 19, 1692) Margaret Scott (September 22, 1692) Her apology states: “I desire to be humbled before God for that sad and humbling providence that befell my father’s family in the year about ’92; that I, then being in my childhood, should, by such a providence of God, be made an instrument for the accusing of several persons of a grievous crime, whereby their lives were taken away from them, whom now I have just grounds and good reason to believe they were innocent persons; and that it was a great delusion of Satan that deceived me in that sad time, whereby I justly fear I have been instrumental, with others, though ignorantly and unwittingly, to bring upon myself and this land the guilt of innocent blood; though what was said or done by me against any person I can truly and uprightly say, before God and man, I did it not out of any anger, malice, or ill-will to any person, for I had no such thing against one of them; but what I did was ignorantly, being deluded by Satan. I need to do a bibliography, and I have this page on it. This was a special type of court in English law established specifically to hear cases that are extraordinary and serious in nature. In June, Nathaniel Saltonstall resigned and was replaced by Jonathan Corwin. The trials are noted for the hysterical atmosphere in which they were conducted; many townspeople were widely suspected of witchcraft on flimsy evidence. The initial article took me a few days to write and then I have been slowly adding to it and expanding it over the years. Reverend George Burroughs

I’m glad it was helpful. Blumberg, Jess. Andrew Carrier In 1957, the state of Massachusetts officially apologized for the Salem Witch Trials and cleared the name of some of the remaining victims not listed in the 1711 law, stating: “One Ann Pudeator and certain other persons” yet did not list the other victim’s names. Thank you for this amazing Article. William was happily a Calvinist, but not even that changed the fact New England theocracy was at an end. Abigail Hobbs Also, when was his last updated? Starting with the European origins of witch-hunting, the show explores how Puritans brought theocratic anxiety to the colonies and shaped their criminal justice system around religious supremacy.

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Let me know if you are related to story too. Susannah Roots In January of 1692, the daughter and niece of Reverend Samuel Parris of Salem Village became ill. William Griggs, the village doctor, was called in when they failed to improve. Salem witch trial started as feud between Porters n putnums cuz putnums felt Porters gave too much freedom to their black servants.

Old Salem Village, illustration published in A Short History of the Salem Village Witchcraft Trials, circa 1911. The village was. Bridget Bishop (June 10, 1692) For more information, contact [email protected] This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Abigail Williams Bridget Bishop was the first person brought to trial. It is called Records of the Salem Witch Hunt and is edited by Bernard Rosenthal. William Ives and George W. Pease, 1857 Judge Stoughton asked the jury to reconsider their verdict. O Christian Martyr Who for Truth could dieWhen all about thee Owned the hideous lie!The world, redeemed from superstition's sway,Is breathing freer for thy sake today.--Words written by John Greenleaf Whittier and inscribed on a monument marking the grave of Rebecca Nurse, one of the condemned "witches" of Salem. By the way, thank you so much for this wonderful website; it’s really thorough and cool. Elizabeth Proctor Tituba, Evaded Arrest: The uneasy state of Salem Village began to intensify after his nine-year-old daughter Elizabeth and his 11-year-old niece Abigail Williams started having fits. John Hathorne All would await trial for a crime punishable by death in 17th-century New England - the practice of witchcraft. Sarah Bishop Abigail Faulkner Sr Since the accused witches were considered dangerous prisoners, they were kept in the dungeon and were chained to the walls because jail officials believed this would prevent their spirits from fleeing the jail and tormenting their victims.

Lydia Dustin You can remove yourself from the list at any time by clicking the “unsubscribe" link in the newsletter. The governor released the last few prisoners the following May. I mean the whole cause was a wheat bacteria/fungi called ergot. Bridget Bishop In 1688, New England revolted and deposed the government of the Dominion of New England, and sent a representative back to London to report it, only to find that Parliament had deposed James II, and replaced him with William and Mary. Mary Lacy Sr 1,” lithograph by Joseph E. Baker, published by George H. Walker & Co, circa 1892. Map of Salem Village in 1692, by W.P. This metaphor was extended in the 1953 Arthur Miller play The Crucible, which used the Salem witch trials as an allegory for Senator Joseph McCarthy’s prosecution of alleged communists at the time. That same month, four more women were accused and arrested: Secondary sources would be Charles Upham’s book Salem Witchcraft which was published in 1867, Emerson Baker’s book A Storm of Witchcraft which was published in 2014 and etc. This all contributed to an atmosphere of tension and suspicion.

Ann Putnam, Jr. Rebecca Nurse (July 19, 1692) After my greaty great uncle Israel Porter formed political group to gather support against putnums, putnums responded by accusing supporters n friends of Porter Family of witchcraft (esp their daughters). Ancestry is the easiest way. Afflicted Girls: Alden spent 15 weeks in jail before friends helped break him out and he escaped to New York. Alleged victims’ testimony that they had seen and been attacked by the specters of accused witches was considered admissible “spectral evidence.” All in all, 19 people (14 of whom were women) would be hanged, one man would be crushed to death, and several others died in prison. “Witchcraft at Salem Village,” illustration published in Pioneers in the Settlement of America, by William A. Crafts, circa 1876. The exhibition breaks with traditional folklore and places the murders of the so-called “witches” within the context of social and economic crisis, humanising the people involved and drawing parallels to our current conspiracy-driven political climate. The Salem witch trials, along with the phrase witch hunt, are often used as a metaphor for unfair persecution or mass hysteria. Another Matteson painting, Examination of a Witch, shows a group of men and women disrobing Mary Fisher in pursuit of identifying the Devil’s mark on her body. Soon, prisons were filled with more than 150 men and women from towns surrounding Salem; their names had been "cried out" by tormented young girls as the cause of their pain. Do you have a version number for this site? Most of the accused really had nowhere else to go and many of them didn’t have the money to leave even if they wanted to. Rebecca Jacobs We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.
There is actually a compilation of all of the primary sources on the Salem Witch Trials. Victims and their families would later be granted, . Bethiah Carter, Sr “There’s so much victim-shaming. “The 1692 Salem Witch Trials.” The Salem Witch Museum, Lydia Dustin, Escaped from Prison: Mary Easty (September 22, 1692), Refused to enter a plea and tortured to death: There the accused were questioned by a judge in front of a jury, which decided whether or not to indict the accused on charges of witchcraft. On Fridays, we send our Editor’s picks of the top stories posted through the week. largely took place in Salem Village (present-day Danvers) in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. In 1706, afflicted girl Ann Putnam, Jr., also issued a public apology for her role in the Salem Witch Trials, particularly in the case against her neighbor Rebecca Nurse.

You can check out my article on books about the Salem Witch Trials here: or you could search the court records online on the University of Virginia website.

Sarah Cloyce The New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, Third Edition This site is not a part of the Smithsonian website. Margaret Jacobs It is sad where the mind-set was back then. Salem Witchcraft and Cotton Mather: A Reply. In effect, the Salem Witch Trials were over. Bridget was accused by five of the afflicted girls, Abigail Williams, Ann Putnam Jr., Mercy Lewis, Mary Walcott and Elizabeth Hubbard, who stated she had physically hurt them and tried to make them sign a pact with the devil. The Superior Court of Judicature, formed to replace the "witchcraft" court, did not allow spectral evidence. Dan Lipcan, a co-curator of the show and the museum’s head librarian, believes these insecurities are evergreen. Continued. His grandfather is a Putnam. As the trials and executions continued, colonists began to doubt that so many people could actually be guilty of this crime. The devil had won.

The witchcraft hysteria in Salem first began in January of 1692 when a group of young girls, who later came to be known as the “afflicted girls,” fell ill after playing a fortune-telling game and began behaving strangely.

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