Notes: The hero triumphs from his willingness to use his individuality to outsmart the extreme powers against him. 0000030432 00000 n 0000029742 00000 n Stream the film with its beat sheet in hand.

0000036513 00000 n This site uses cookies to optimize your viewing experience. Instead focus on which category your movie is in, knowing which movies are similar to yours. Instead it’s about the audience discovering something dark and unexpected about human nature.

Theme: internal growth of the hero as he encounters people and events during his journey. It’s about the pros and cons of putting the group before ourselves. The audience is the real detective, and the “detectives” on screen are just their surrogates. Yes, yes, your movie is original, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t fit into a category. Good luck with your series! Often an “accomplice” who sees The Fool for what he really is, and is surprised he is getting away with his “ruse.” (The “accomplice” often get the brunt of it when they try to interfere. 0000661964 00000 n

By Blake Snyder . For example, if you look at the first Hunger Games book, it's a Dude(tte) with a Problem story, but the second and third books are Superhero stories at their core, as Katniss takes on a different role and has a different lesson to learn. Blake defined these in the book Save the Cat! Save The Cat . On the outside, The Fool appears to be the Village Idiot; however, he is really the wisest of them all. Having a grasp on the rules also will help you create twists to keep it fresh! 0000029072 00000 n “Save the Cat” by Blake Snyder has ten genres that make up the plot of all popular movies. And then I discovered Save the Cat Writes a Novel. 0000004860 00000 n When trying to describe what your movie is like, you will be tempted to present it as a cross between “Movie X” and “Movie Y,” or perhaps “Movie A set in Location Q.” Don’t!
The badder the bad guy, the greater the heroics. 0000029943 00000 n Bridesmaids Beat Sheet . 0000004053 00000 n

Hero is born into a world he did not create, but must deal with people who are jealous of his unique point of view and superior mind. The Last Book on Screenwriting You’ll Ever Need” ~ Tim ], Chapter 1  |  Chapter 2  |  Chapter 3 |  Chapter 4.

The audience ultimately is the one who have to sift through all the clues, and the ones who are shocked by what they find. 0000004490 00000 n Even though my character will have more growing to do, I don’t think she can go back through Rite of Passage. 0000038182 00000 n 0000036558 00000 n 3) A solution that involves acceptance of a hard truth the hero has been fighting, and the knowledge it’s the hero that must change, not the world around him. What Happens When Using A Base Human Emotion, The 10 Genres From ‘Save the Cat’ – Monster in the House, How To Create The Perfect Maimed Hand For Your Next Horror Film.
The Rites of Passage stories involve life problems and how the characters overcome them. Registration confirmation will be emailed to you.

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