Rain & hail under the Dec 2011 supercell that hit Melbourne. Wild weather tore across Sydney and New South Wales, causing widespread damage. Significant rectification works was undertaken at Yarra Glen. On 27 February 2007 a supercell storm hit Canberra City, with hail covering the ground to a depth of 20 centimetres (7.9 in) and creating 1 metre (3 ft 3 in) high hail drifts in Civic. [19], A Piper Chieftain light aircraft crashed west of Condobolin in December 2005 during storms killing Peter Menegazzo, one of Australia's biggest landowners, and his wife.[20]. Wind | This will return a general summary for each storm.To see more details, use the links above to search only specific storm types. [83], In 1880 a 20 feet (6.1 m) storm surge obliterated Onslow. [83], In 1887 a cyclone at Eighty Mile Beach sank five barques and four schooners and killing 36 white men and almost 200 coloured men. Seven people were killed, 15 were injured, and 500 people were affected by the 1971 Canberra flood.
Hailstones as large as golf-balls and winds over 110 kilometres per hour (68 mph) were noted. [26], From 20 to 22 April 2015, the Hunter, Central Coast and Sydney regions experienced severe rain fall and 'cyclonic winds' gusting from 100 to 135 kilometres per hour (62 to 84 mph) from an east coast low resulting in many cases of flash flooding, and rivers breaking their banks due to sustained rain periods. [38] Large hailstones and winds over 110 km/h were noted. A nine-year-old girl in the US has died after a lightning strike hit both her and her sister while they were on a family hike over the fourth of July holiday weekend. Display the results in a table on this page, or download a file of Comma Separated Values (CSV) containing data for all attributes. A severe thunderstorm has descended on the east coast after wreaking havoc on Australia's capital earlier today. Some areas of the northwest and southeast were declared natural disaster zones. A major storm in early June 2007 known as an east coast low caused major disruption in the Hunter Region, Central Coast and Sydney killing 9 people. Areas of the Northern Beaches, such as Collaroy, were damaged by waves more than 5 metres (16 ft) high. There were heavy storms (and a possible tornado)[5] which hit Canberra, and the surrounding New South Wales region, on 2 December 2005. Sydney, the Hunter Region, the Riverina and South Coast were all affected by the weather event. [27][28], On 16 December a storm described as a tornado struck the east coast, with high rainfall, hailstones and unusually strong winds. Flash flooding along the coast was recorded as a result of the storms. [66]On 13 December (last day of school 2019) another severe storm hit the Gold Coast and Brisbane with 120 millimetres (4.7 in) of rain and left Biggera Waters, Paradise Point, Runaway Bay, Southport and Labrador without mains power. [74] The storm blacked out more than 20,000 homes with major outages in Port Melbourne, Ballarat, Armadale, Essendon, South Morang, Toorak and South Melbourne. It killed 65 people and destroyed over 90 percent of Darwin's buildings, leaving over 20,000 people homeless. A powerful storm cell with 150km/h winds ripped through the Victorian city. For the first time in over 30 years, a severe weather warning and flood watch was posted for the entire 2,000 km NSW Coast. [84], On 22 March 2010, a hail storm struck Perth with golf ball sized hail, gale-force winds up to 120 kilometres per hour (75 mph), and 40 millimetres (1.6 in) of rain. 37 people perished in the township of Innisfail, with a further 40-60 Aboriginals estimated to have died in outlying areas. [3], 27,000 people were affected across the territory by a severe storm in November 1996.[4]. More than 600,000 bolts of lightning slammed into Queensland over the Christmas period causing widespread power outages, Energex says. [40][41], Tropical Cyclone Sigma caused destruction from Townsville to Brisbane between 24 and 27 January 1896. A street in Trentham, Victoria during the summer 2011 flooding.
[12] The cost of the storm, in the ACT alone, was over A$500,000,000. Tropical Cyclone Sigma caused destruction from Townsville to Brisbane between 24 and 27 January 1896. Dust Devil. [12] The cost of the storm was over A$500,000,000. Get results for a certain period of time by adjusting the date range. Over the course of the three days the Hunter, Central Coast and Newcastle and South Coast railway lines were closed at some point. The storm decimated a pearling fleet at Bathurst Bay in Queensland and deaths included the crews of around 100 vessels and an estimated 100 local aboriginals, who were swept out to sea while trying to save shipwrecked crew. Many thousands of motor vehicles were badly damaged by hail and many were written off. The brown dust storm left a layer of muck over cars right across the city and has prompted air quality concerns. On 25 December 1869 a cyclone levelled the towns of Roebourne and Cossack with many deaths. To improve your experience. [83], In 1894 Roebourne (population 4,000) and Cossack (population 2,000) were hit with storms that destroyed almost all buildings.[83]. Around 3:00pm a small storm cell formed just north of Melton and within 30 minutes the storm grew into a supercell and was headed straight for Melbourne's western suburbs. The 1947 Sydney hailstorm was a natural disaster which struck Sydney on 1 January 1947. A deep low-pressure trough is moving across NSW, threatening to bring gusts in excess of 90 km/h which could tear down trees and powerlines. [46], 10 March 1918 saw an even stronger cyclone and storm surge cross the coast at Innisfail, with further desolation at Cairns, Babinda, and on the Atherton Tableland. Wild seas whipped up by storms battering the east coast of NSW have snapped off a floating pontoon in Kiama, south of Sydney. [24] The storms continued through to 14 February, with a maximum daily rainfall for the year of 332 millimetres (13.1 in) recorded at Tuross Head. Tornado | [32][33] Due to flooding of the Hunter River, the State Emergency Service issued an evacuation order for parts of Raymond Terrace. [76] The Victorian SES handled more than 2000 calls in the first six hours; Powercor reported more than 3300 people without power; Jemena recorded more than 20,000 within its distribution area of inner Melbourne in result of the storm; Melbourne airport was closed;[77] and the Insurance Council of Australia estimated a total damages bill of A$100 million. [21][22], Three weeks later, another storm caused chaos in the small town of Dunoon. [74] The temperature rose to 30 °C (86 °F), with a forecast of mostly sunny with a chance of afternoon thunderstorms. It destroyed some homes in Mt. [23], Beginning on the evening of 12 February 2010, some regions of Sydney were inundated by strong rain and localised flash flooding caused by a Black nor'easter. Police are appealing for urgent public assistance to locate a man and woman feared swept away in floodwaters in Queensland's South Burnett Region. NSW has felt the full extent of natures extremes in the last three days with skiers and surfers lapping up the snow and surf. The bodies of two giraffes were found on March 2 this year in the Rockwood nature reserve, around 180km west of the South African city of Kimberley. More than 7000 houses were damaged. The Severe Storms Archive contains data relating to recorded Severe Thunderstorm and related events in Australia dating back to the 18th Century. The two hours from midnight to 2 am saw extremely heavy rainfall, with some areas recording more than 100mm of rain in that time. Use the interface below to query the database and generate a table of records matching your search criteria. Over 400 people lost their lives. 3 people were killed including a 4 year old boy. The freak accident that saw a flying gas bottle kill a man during a Sydney storm overnight has been described as "one in a million" by authorities. Michael was left without access to several life-saving electrical devices as the family pleaded for help to restore power during Sydney's mass outage earlier this month. The storm was rated as one of the biggest ever to hit the ACT, with an estimated A$15 million in damages across the city. [29] Injuries to people were only minor. The storm cell developed on the morning of New Year's Day, a public holiday in Australia, over the Blue Mountains, hitting the city and dissipating east of Bondi in the mid-afternoon. With a population of 3500, Innisfail saw only 12 houses remain unscathed. Extensive damage was caused in central Lismore from large hail and strong winds. [44], Two of the country's strongest cyclones occurred on the North Queensland coast in 1918. Several cars were swept from the road into the rushing water. As reported by the Bureau of Meteorology, February 2007 had a record number of thunderstorms.[9]. Trees were snapped off or uprooted, power lines brought down and gardens flattened. In the days preceding 25 December 2011, a high blocking pattern developed over south–east Australia, with a quasi-stationary high residing over New Zealand and a trough extending over Victoria from the interior of the continent. Victoria can look forward to another frosty start today with a cold front continuing to bring snow to parts of the state, incuding Melbourne and other central locations. The ACT Emergency Services received about 200 calls for help during the storm, with the NSW SES getting more than 500 calls. [83], In 1881 Cossack was destroyed again with ships ending up miles onshore and 12,000 sheep drowned at Ashburton. [citation needed], On 21 November 2016, Melbourne experienced a thunderstorm asthma event which killed 9 people. More than 17 people were injured by hail or flying glass from smashed windows. This stationary pattern allowed for a number of days of warm, moist northerly airflow across Victoria which lead to high moisture levels through a deep layer creating unstable conditions. [47], A cyclone in Northern Queensland killed 99 people over two days in mid March 1934.

Severe thunderstorms hitting parts of NSW have firefighters on edge, as they fear lightning strikes may spark more bushfires, with 80 blazes still burning. Severe storms in Australia refers to the storms, including cyclones, which have caused severe damage in Australia. The northern coast of Western Australia is frequently ravaged by severe storms. Spring is well and truly here with Australia experiencing its warmest early September day in years. On 8 March one of the more widespread flash flooding events occurred disrupting the daily commute, by flooding train stations, and arterial roads. 391.6 millimetres (15.42 in) of rain fell over the four days in Sydney, more than three times the February average. The Lismore district was declared a natural disaster area for the second time this month with the damage bill at Dunoon estimated at $5 million. At the time, it was the most severe storm to strike the city since recorded observations began in 1792. Hail |

New South Wales is preparing for another day of extreme weather with thousands still without power from storms earlier this week. Roof damage also occurred at Westfield Bondi Junction and in South Nowra, Thousands of homes lost power in Bulli, Thirroul and Woonona north of Wollongong. At least four homes are uninhabitable and up to 30 others have been damaged in severe storms which lashed western Victoria overnight. Roofs were blown off, trains were halted and people trapped in vehicles by fallen trees, and two persons were hit by lightning. Clear, and almost destroyed a school in Sebastopol.

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