With one brief exception, Dexter’s absence doesn’t haunt The Naked City as, say, the eponymous victim haunted Otto Preminger’s Laura. he runs from closed door to closed door, as the hard rain pelts down and the Thereby, the report identifies unique growth opportunities across the world based on trends occurring in various developed and developing economies. Mehta brings Toronto author Shyam Selvadurai’s 1994 coming-of-age novel to the screen and dives deep into the bloody tensions in. In a recent interview with Cronenberg that contains some overlap with the commentary, he discusses the dearth of genre films in the Canadian film industry at the time, almost moving to L.A. to work with Roger Corman, the film’s less than enthusiastic reception, and its influence on Dan O’Bannon’s script for Alien. Ojo | Seen through a contemporary prism, The Naked City is potentially more uncomfortable than it was ever intended to be, as Hellinger’s faith in law and order is charged in an era wracked by existential arguments over the necessity as well as the specific nature of police reform. The grain level is consistent and cinematic throughout, with the 4K exhibiting stronger color saturation and more accurate skin tones. Maybe we need another reminder. This same pit is also used as the grave for a couple who Robert accidentally kills with his truck later in the film. That means, in this case, leaving in the original and, unfortunately, difficult-to-read English subtitles that were burned into the only existing print.

Shivers comes closet in its final scenes to George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead, one of Cronenberg’s avowed sources of inspiration, with fugitive St. Luc being chased back into the Starliner complex by hordes of the shambling infected. Taken together, these bonus materials constitute a master class in Jodorowsky’s early work, full of information about every aspect of the films from creation to reception, with particular emphasis on the occult and spiritual symbolism that runs rife throughout.

Lynch imbues the film with a wrenching matter-of-fact quality that honors Merrick and his efforts to be an upper-crust English gentleman, who wears nice suits and takes tea with friends.

Where Robert is keen to resume their affair as if nothing happened in the intervening years, Inge dreams of moving to Canada with her American husband and leaving Germany forever behind. Fuller sees an America driven by a morality which says the ends prize will fulfill his need for recognition -- the refuge of all troubled with This publication features lifestyle stories around cannabis use and experiences, including emerging trends in wellness, travel, food and drink, pop culture, and cannabis-related brands. Lurid and jarring, Fuller’s supra-clinical infiltration of fractured sanity may lack the cool cachet of Ken Kesey’s contemporaneous novel One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest, but the disturbing, singular vision of Sam Fuller still generates heat. Welfare Man”) and pathos (“Make Yours a Happy Home”) that are straight shots of positivity and compassion. The French LPCM mono track is a workhorse, doing well by the recondite score, whether it be snatches of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony or Antoine Duhamel’s broody score.

Alienated from Nicholas’s affections, Janine seeks solace from her next-door BFF, Betts (Barbara Steele), in an encounter that soon turns very intimate indeed. [3] Fuller originally wrote the film under the title Straitjacket for Fritz Lang in the late 1940s, but Lang wanted to change the lead character to a woman so Joan Bennett could play the role. Gradations of light and shadow are nuanced and wide-ranging, from the rising sunlight that illuminates a harbor at the cusp of dawn, to the shrill overhead lighting of various office buildings, to the darkness that shrouds the streets at night. What transpires wouldn’t be out of place in a film like Sergio Corbucci’s Django. Imagine the Just what you want. As the original camera negative was used for most of this preservation, the results are quite impressive, with a high contrast ratio and sharp image that’s consistently rich in detail. 1954 to the same natives 40 years later. Both movies come with the Criterion label’s usual high-quality extras with thoughtful analysis and lots of onscreen Fuller. Black Gravel is a bleak yet vital interrogation of West Germany’s struggles after World War II. His plan is to live off this glory for the rest of his life -- Of course, this being Cronenberg, the outcome for him is sure to be less than triumphant. In its emphasis on procedure over character, and on grit as a way to lend verisimilitude to dime-store twists, The Naked City established the template for the seemingly deathless television warhorse Law & Order and its offspring. This 1954 melodrama tracks Iskander (A.N. Clumsy melodrama would condescend to Merrick, paying him the insult of pity while compromising the profound lightness of being, and an awareness of seemingly unimaginable pain, that Hurt brings to the role. He goes on to discuss leveraging the popularity of the script into a directing gig, using library music because they couldn’t afford a full score, why he likes shooting in bathrooms, and the development of his directorial style over the course of his career from minimalist by necessity to minimalistic by preference. It does. This is obviously by design, but there are only so many times you can show the effect of cocaine through fast motion or mental deterioration through fish-eye lenses before the techniques start to feel less expressive than lazy and obvious—crutches for a filmmaker who used up his entire bag of tricks in the first 30 minutes. With Fuller in complete control, he takes advantage of the stark cinematography Cast: Diahann Carroll, James Earl Jones, Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs, Tamu Blackwell, David Kruger, Yvette Curtis, Eric Jones, Elisa Loti Director: John Berry Screenwriter: Tina Pine, Lester Pine Distributor: The Criterion Collection Running Time: 92 min Rating: PG Year: 1974 Release Date: October 13, 2020 Buy: Video. Shock Corridor is the aptly named 1963 B-movie psychodrama from the vigorously independent mind of American film auteur Samuel Fuller. Shades of Pink Floyd. black student ever admitted to an all-white Southern university. in a finely-paced performance, climaxing in an incredible corridor scene where Criterion provides Godard’s freewheeling ode to amour and its ineluctable betrayal with a spiffy new 2K upgrade.

She proves to be patient zero in the outbreak of slug-like parasites that invade the Starliner Towers, creatures described by Hobbes’s fellow medical researcher, Dr. Rollo Linsky (Joe Silver), as “part aphrodisiac, part venereal disease.” They are, of course, the result of a medical experiment gone horribly awry. Here, the film’s structural and technical ambitions are usurped by a scene that frankly acknowledges the tolls of death. Fuller’s gallery of walking symbols occasionally feels oppressively schematic, though there’s some perversely sly comic relief from Larry Tucker’s performance as a corpulent wife killer and opera buff called Pagliacci (”Such a sour note, Johnny!” he chortles at a primal scream by Breck). on-trend esports and egaming market.

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