Episode Description: The dynamic research team of Crrow777 and Jason Lindgren join Paul to discuss the recent release of their documentary film Shoot the Moon. A mother of four is abandoned by her husband for a younger woman. Shoot the Moon consists of a series of interviews with Crrow777, an interview with Randy Bryant, and astonishing footage from both these amateur astronomers as they film anomalies in the skies above us. BIG YT Channels TERMINATED: X22, SGTReport & More. The most popular reason given was cost. Using the tired 100th monkey as a comparison I will state how I think progress can be made. from Marty Leeds Live: 128 - Crrow777 | Shoot the Moon VIDEO, The El Paso and Dayton Ohio Observation and Discussion, THE TRUTH SHALL BE REVEALED — Richard Gage, Pump up the Bitcoin to 12K with DavinciJ15. The US makes it to the moon first so Russia just packs up and calls it quits? Maybe an AI is the 100th monkey. Crrow777 Radio. Here is an example of just such an effort by a PhD.c. Husband, wife and children struggle to survive the seemingly inevitable divorce. Have we 3 or more geniuses that can triangulate to the centre of the moon or a recognizable artifact on the moon, from far apart points while maintaining visual on the moon at the same time? For a better BitChute user experience,Login or Register now! Here is the simple answer but it is among the hardest things a human being can do. Flat Earth long distance video tests by John Bailey New Zealand ✅, The Always Horizontal Horizon Proves Earth Flat. The problem with this is that Apollo cost roughly $24 billion which was 2.7 of the budget for space exploration. First clip: https://youtu.be/kZCw94sg2-I Updated clip: https://youtu.be/BBe9HWG2W0Y. I have spent a lot of time warning people off the hypnotizing influences of these mediums but the truth is that once you are aware, that which is hidden begins to become much more visible.

The Russian work (this is all covered in clips on my channel) confirmed, right out of the gate, that the moon had two surfaces, an outer (façade) that we see and inner that is hidden. Senator Grassley drops a BIG Q bomb. PLEASE NOTE! It seems to signify membership in the global “space club” that operates above and beyond borders and government. I heard that AIs talk to each other, and I believe there is a possibility that the “knowing Class” had their own AI because they want no “dumb” AI for themselves.

If you detect this file/folder … “Trash collected by the eyes is dumped into the brain, when it tears into our conscious thought you tell me who’s to blame?” I wonder what you mean by “verify if they were real” What does that mean to you?

If the issue persists, then please contact us at [email protected]. An error has occurred whilst processing your request! My only response to this footage is a question.

My wife and I often take turns filming during the lunar cycle as sitting in front of a telescope for endless hours, month after month, is no easy feat. Shoot the Moon: A True Story by Crrow777 (2019) Documentary by J has been detected as pirated movie. ☑️ You have no avatar or channel history ☑️ You dropped a link with no explanation of what it is to The entire NASA budget at that time was 5.3% of the national budget. It’s hard to imagine what would happen. Nobody could explain it to me and they still can’t. Also, we should not forget the now famous Chinese “astronot in a pool” footage where China was caught red handed trying to pass off pool footage as an astronot in space. The film includes seven different Lunar Waves, a ton of objects in the sky, both during the day and the night, many of which are seen transiting the Moon. I don’t think I understand how an AI would think and react. Makes for a great gift for a fellow flat earther. NOBODY would recognize tape PLAYBACK artifacts until the 1980s and even then, no reference point would then exist until the millennial generation of youtube in only the last decade…. As I have said time and again, “Belief is the enemy of knowing”. Their film is a must-see! Join Jason and Rose LIVE in New Orleans to see a screening of the new film 'SHOOT THE MOON' below Sunday April 21, 2019 @ 6:45 pm: THEATER PREMIER FOR SHOOT THE MOON in New Orleans -, Zeitgeist Theater 6621 Saint Claude AvenueArabi, LA 70032, See it now on Vimeo - https://vimeo.com/ondemand/shootthemoon/328720640, Join us on WGSO 990 a.m. Wednesday Night starting at 7:00 CT to hear Crow LIVE...(hit LISTEN LIVE), https://wgso.com/shows/truth-underground/, CRROW777 YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW4k9vXjgOSDcYq6Ge9hWWg.

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