I know this is kinda off topic but I’d figured I’d ask. commerical as well. Optimised Market Targeting 30% done in 2010 and remaining 70% completed in December 2014, source: HDB Resale Flat Prices, year only. You should be a MODEL for my other customers! Commercial and educational buildings, this is most intriguing part. There are a couple of factors that could be pro SERS such as a neighbouring empty land with a plot ratio of 4.0 based on the URA masterplan,and the neighbouring flats at taman ho swee are low rise (10 floors). I will have to pay you using my personal money and hope that the project is not cancelled so that my boss is willing to pay me back. Since 2015 I added month and day beside year, sourcing from HDB Centralized Map. Do you have ideas for a new drawing, database, or article that may be useful to thousands readers? It divided the country into 28 districts, and most mail was hand-sorted. Click filter box on any Address columns, Building Era or Building Type > choose (blanks) > select all rows > delete (this will remove estate header rows, schools, places of worship and other non-HDB buildings found in HDB estates) > Save as > choose CSV > import in phpMyAdmin to get SQL file, or whatever application you are using database in. Counting Same Data that Occurs over Multiple Years. Let us help you with your Postal Data needs. I also already tried to concatenate the Postal Code, Country, and the Address but there is no result or it pointing in one place in Singapore. Your business is thriving and you need to engage your customers more so than ever. HDB Database with address, number of units (34 columns) Free sample: HDB Database (full details package). In the pop-up window, click Insert > Module, then paste the following VBA code into the module. Addresses can be verified easily for your ease of mind, Streamline Data Collection

All Rights Reserved. Idea used since 2011 for List of BTO projects. I am Teoalida and I love doing research, collecting information, writing articles and making databases about real estate, cars, and other fields, as well as designing own housing models. HDB Database with addresses only (11 columns) I have Postal Code, Country, and also the Address data for this. This service is ideal for websites, web forms, mobile app or application developers that can benefit from instant address verification. it works perfectly. You can suggest your own ideas what other data to add! Filtering by lease commence date would have been difficult, because U/C blocks or under MOP do not have a lease date. Could you share some sample data which can reproduce this issue in your scenario, so that we can help further investigate on it? That property website wanted my research service to add columns with number of bedrooms, bathrooms and floor area in sqm. Find your favorite faces from the community presenting at the Power Platform Community Conference! Do you know which district you are living in? Verify addresses when taking phone bookings, so you can avoid delivering to incorrect or fictitious addresses. I realize that number of floors information is not available from any other databases and that counting the number of floors manually in Google Streetview takes a long time. I have a problem, I want to make Filled Map of Singapore. Every year, new blocks are completed while others are demolished, keeping this figure up-to-date is difficult. Pay via PayPal or credit card and receive automatically an email with download link (example email). Postal Database gives you access to more than 1.8 million residential and commercial addresses. Price: 2x normal price per building, for one specific era, 1.5x normal price per building for multiple eras (like CRC + HS + BTO eras). But I have trouble finding data for buildings demolished before mid-1980, because oldest Singapore Street Directory that include buildings is the 1984 one. Address, unit numbers (BTO-only) - 1.5 cents/building, Address, GPS coordinates - 2 cents/building, Address, year completed and lease commence date - 2 cents/building, Address, upgrading programmes - 2 cents/building, Address, number of units breakdown by flat type - 4 cents/building, Address, year, lease, number of units, GPS coordinates - 6 cents/building, Address, unit numbers, year, lease, number of units, upgrading programmes, number of floors and units per floor, building description, SERS prediction, floor plans and BTO brochures, GPS coordinates - 8 cents/building. What data do you want to purchase about them? I abandoned in 2011 after completing 40% of Singapore because it required too much effort for a non-paid job. If you have finished half of the remaining buildings, I can pay you $200. 1,063,250 dwelling units are in use as 31 March 2019 according HDB Annual Report. Hi, I am interested to purchase a list post-2000 hdb blocks with 3-room flats, with block number, street name, etc(not sure what other info you are providing). Save time and effort in manually cleaning up your database. FREE updates every 3 months, you can download yourself by clicking same link. I asked you that, if in case of HDB I have number of units breakdown by flat type and in case of condos I can offer only total number of units, in case of commercial buildings WHAT number do you expect?

Re-compiling upgrading programmes information will take a large amount of time so I am waiting to see if there are other customers interested. Do you have comments or suggestions for my articles? Phone number is just for family and very close friends. VBA: Extract zip codes only You can also subscribe without commenting. Allows you to capture your customer’s information fast and accurately during on-boarding.

Do you have comments or suggestions for my articles? Do you want to purchase any of my works? Address Verification I would like to move your comment HDB Database page. Our sales representatives are always here to help. Street address sourced from Enquire status of upgrading programmes and later HDB Map Services, 30% done in 2010, remaining 70% done in December 2014. For example, if the first two digits of your address postal code is 47, then your property falls under District 16. Thank you for painstakingly collecting data and taking the time out to answer questions from the public, wanted to ask you for your thoughts are on the likelihood of SERS for blk 94 Havelock road (160094), my partner and I looking to move there to start our family and at least stay for 15-20 years, so we are looking for stability and not moving. They shall PAY like you! In August 2017 it was announced that will be ready in July 2018. © 2020 Singapore Post Limited. In 2015 Renata who bought my database and made a script to run in Google Maps API and add coordinates, but some were off. been paid in May 2015 and completed in June 2015. Residential flats: 10820 standing + 1472 demolished (including blocks with shophouses and no flats). Students feel free to use information provided on my website, cite it in your research paper, but if you need additional help at homework you are advised to use Google and get information yourself, do not contact me to ask DUMB questions, or chatting just because you are bored in classroom. HDB Database is an original compilation “Made by Teoalida” which took over 500 hours of work. 1927-1960 (SIT era): 819 buildings.

Have you seen https://www.teoalida.com/singapore/condolist/ Each condo is designating apartment types in their name format, name vary from condo to condo: 2-bed, 2-bed+study, 3-bed compact, 3-bed regular, 3-bed+study.

We offer a post code database of the world containing the post codes of 195 counties, over 4400 cities and millions of … Understanding the Concept Of Different Types of Turnstile Gates, https://www.teoalida.com/singapore/hdbdatabase/, https://www.teoalida.com/singapore/condolist/, https://www.teoalida.com/singapore/HDB-Database-by-Teoalida-blocks-number-of-units.png. Here is the modified pbix file for your reference. all EDU involved. Did you found broken links or errors that need correction? Database include also few hundred non-HDB buildings (not tagged, not included in this count). In mid-2018 another announcement said that map will be ready in 2018 for government agencies while public access will be few years later. Please refer to the table below to … Also playing games with buildings. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. SIT, HDB, EDB, JTC, HUDC, residential or auxiliary, standing or demolished. Spread the good information offered on website, not coronavirus! I finalized the job in only 5 days, but one never replied while other one asked few questions but never paid. Updated November 2019, price 10 cents per building (full details package), or 9 cents if you purchase 3 or more towns. Collect your customers’ address conveniently and accurately, Records Update Use our interactive map, address lookup, or code list to find the correct zip code for your postal mails destination. Most BOOOORING job that a customer ever requested!

I know how useful would be to have the unit number ranges for every block, but this is NOT POSSIBLE. HDB Database with address, year, lease, number of units, GPS coordinates (50 columns) Price: 1.5x-2x normal price per building. Postal code sourced from HDB Centralized Map. Anyway, this is a BIG request, can I know what is your project about? Once Google Streetview was launched in Singapore in December 2009, I accurately counted floors for 20% of blocks during 2010. A postal code (also known locally in various English-speaking countries throughout the world as a post code, postcode, ZIP Code or PIN) is a series of letters or digits or both, sometimes including spaces or punctuation, included in a postal address for the purpose of sorting mail. As a researcher of Singapore history, I created this database intending to include all public housing buildings ever build in Singapore. I also already tried to concatenate the Postal Code, Country, and the Address but there is no result or it pointing in one place in Singapore. How do I proceed with it? Contact me! Do you have any suggestions for my HDB database? Contact me via, If you want to support me without buying anything you can.

The History of Singapore’s Postal Code. Required fields are marked *. Anything else to add? Your email address will not be published. Streamline your data collection and verification with SGLocate, a reliable API service. Do you have comments or suggestions for my articles? Is anyone ELSE interested to have blocks’ number of floors? this is what i wan.

This shows all blocks with number of units of each flat type 1,2,3,4,5,EA,MG,SA. In 2015 a customer (Renata, see her comment) offered me a BONUS of $400 to complete number of floors for remaining 40% of blocks, but after doing half of job she told me to STOP THE JOB because her boss don’t want to pay. Update frequency: when new BTO are launched. That is, they must follow a “database bdb” or “database hdb” line and come before any subsequent “backend” or “database” lines. Free sample: HDB Database (full details package) HDB Database is an original compilation “Made by Teoalida” which took over 500 hours of work. Allows you to capture your customer’s information fast and accurately during on-boarding. In 2016 a property website wanted to hire me to expand their database, and sent me HDB units database.csv (111 units from block 24 Tanglin Halt Road – this sample CSV all what they sent me, I do not have other blocks, don’t ask). HDB Database with ALL OF THE ABOVE (66 columns). Watch video to see the completeness and quality of work!

Source: site plans from BTO and SBF brochures, added in 2016 at request from one customer. I estimate to take 50 hours and I will try to work 5 hours per day to finish until end of July, although this job is very BORING so I can’t work many hours continuously. In case of old SIT blocks with many distinctive models, building descriptions are a bit messy. I forgot that blocks with multiple heights are spread over multiple rows.Thanks for reminding me.

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