Jockey’s weight. Horse racing news and results are always something that should be looked at when leading up to any race. But like those lottery games, the odds are stacked against the horseplayer for jackpot wagers.

The total amount of money wagered on a specific pari-mutuel market goes into a single pool. Straight wagers are bets that involve one horse and one specific outcome. Only certain markets are available for this style of betting. The takeout is the money that the track deducts from each race to pay purses and other expenses. Betting on prize-winners (place). If you are someone that does not really like the handicapping process, picking individual winners might be easier and more pleasing to you. This is one of the most successful horse betting strategies in the sport. Here is what EZ Horse Betting thinks is the best bet in horse racing. The Daily Double requires the bettor to pick the winners of two races in succession. That is odds of 10-1 on your money. Triple Crown Winners, Biggest Breeders’ Cup Upset for Every World Championships Race, Dan’s Double: Stretch-Out Play and Class Relief at Belmont, Taking a Shot Against Probable Favorite in Northern Dancer Turf, Best Bets: Intriguing Plays at Woodbine, Keeneland. Betting on the winner. You like a 7-2 horse, a 6-1 horse, and a 10-1 horse in the first leg, you’ve identified a 9-2 runner in the second leg that you absolutely love, and the last race in the sequence is a turf sprint with 12 runners. All great choice if you are in the US. Try to find creative ways to use your top plays to make the most money, and if you can’t string together a trifecta or multi-race wager you feel really good about, you always have the straight win bet to fall back on. Plus, there is the astronomical takeout when you consider the money rolling over. Because it requires the bettor to pick just two winning horses in two separate races, the Daily Double is one of the easiest exotic wagers to make and win. Deciding Which Horse Racing Bet Is Best for You. There are Daily Doubles offered on races 1 and 2, 2 and 3, 3 and 4, and so on until the end of the race card. If you think a horse has a 25% chance to win and the odds are 5-1, that’s value. For you to win, the horse you choose must finish in the top three. Another big thing to consider are the horse racing odds. You will then place bets on several of them at once. What is the smartest bet in horse racing? This can be very high on some exotic wagers. How to Place a Wager on a Horse Race. It is as simple as that. © 2019 - 2020 Legalbet. But, at least reconsider when you’re tempted to hit the ALL button. Betting on Soccer: Top Features and Strategies, Basketball Betting: how to wager, types of bets and strategies, Biathlon Betting: Where to Bet and What You Need to Know, How to make bets on Tennis: Training and Tactics, Sports Betting Guide: How to Make Hockey Bets the Right Way, Handball betting: rules, features, bookmaker’s offers, Penathlon betting: the main things and important factors, Water Polo Betting: Everything you need to Consider, Horse Racing: Terms and Betting Knowledge, Triathlon betting: features of the Olympic Discipline, Betting on Table Tennis: Strategies and Features You Need to Know, Beach volleyball bets: the rules, features and offers of bookmakers, Betting on pool: the main points, predictions and bookmakers offers, Betting on field hockey: features and strategies of the game, Horse Racing Betting: Make the Smartest Bets on the Races, Betting on artistic gymnastics: major touartarnaments and bookmakers’ offers, Futsal Betting: Basics Strategies for Beginners, Belmont Stakes: Odds, Entries and Where to Bet, Bets on snooker: the biggest tournaments, features of analyses and bookmakers’ offers, Betting on boxing: Things you need to know, Baseball Betting for Beginners: Reading the Odds, Stats, Betting on Dota 2 and CS:GO: what you need to know, Badminton betting: what features the player should consider, Betting on curling: the main rules, major tournaments and bookmakers’ offers, Bets on dog racing: what you need to know, Nascar betting: the main things to know about America’s number one race. For sprints (short-distance races), the horse will need to rest at least a month before. 1.

The biggest opportunities often come when you identify a heavy favorite as vulnerable, or find several favorites that you have zero interest in betting. Where Does The Money Go You Bet At The Race Track? So, there is a chance you could hit a Pick 6 and still essentially share what amount to a consolation payout with the other winning tickets.

You’re better off playing a standard Pick 4, Pick 5, or Pick 6. Stay up-to-date with the best from America's Best Racing! In the year of 2019, races held at these three tracks combined for a total handle of over $2.1 billion. Take a Pick 3, for example, that wraps around one of your top plays. That means that everyone but the winner is essentially playing that multi-race bet with a 50% takeout, which is a terrible investment of gambling resources. Explaining horse racing betting in its entirety could leave you feeling dizzy. It is also worth noting that the number of horses that place can vary in different races. We’ll surely agree that this type of betting simplifies the handicapping process. Most horse racing bets can be broken down into two categories. The horse who lost the last race could be overlooked and might have better odds than it usually would and therefore allows this strategy to be more practical in the long run. Instead, taking time to read horse racing news about the races near you and doing your research on each race will make any bet you make smarter. It seems simple, but you need to put in the work in advance handicapping the card so you know going into the day which races you have the ... 2. So, you can infer that the lighter the jockey, the more experienced he is and therefore he has a better chance of winning. The reasoning behind this is that if even one of your horses win, you will make a profit. On many race cards the Daily Double is offered on races one and two. State the name of the racetrack. If the bet you make wins, your payout will be the stake multiplied the odds. You can also choose to take the odds right at the start of the race no matter how early it is. Now, if there is a mandatory payout at the end of a meet or at the end of a big weekend, count me in. The first way you can bet on horses at the track is to simply place a bet like any other. There is no bet you can make that will win 100% of the time. If you make three substantial win bets on horses at a solid value, you only need one winner to make a nice profit. 2020 Kentucky Derby Becomes A Victim Of Covid-19. Similar to Round Robin betting in the NFL, your bets would look like this: Extra ticket: Racehorse A, Racehorse B, Racehorse C. The last option is by no means a necessity for this bet; however, it can net you the highest payout if all three of your selections win.
Horse racing news and results are just as valuable to bettors as to racing enthusiasts. Road to 2020 Breeders’ Cup: Three Heating Up, Three Cooling Down for Oct. 13, Allen Paulson: Cigar’s Owner Embodied the American Dream. Horse racing and betting have long gone hand in hand. The Daily Double – Horse Racing’s Best Bet. Some of these can even be life changing. Betting On Horses Like A Professional Gambler. There are also some other basic things that you must consider when betting on a horse race. Bets that fall into this category include: Exotic bets can be more difficult to win, but they can also yield a larger reward for the handicapper.

Some of the most difficult horse racing bets can be made both online and at the track. There are countless things you can look at to make better horse racing picks. The player will focus on these two throughout the entirety of the race. For one, a large percentage (usually at least 25%) of the money bet into the pool carries over to the next race day unless there is only one winning ticket. Maybe you’ve analyzed the pace and you think half the field will be gunning for the lead and you decide to play two stalkers and two closers you like based on the pace scenario. Before we can uncover the best bet in horse racing today, let’s refresh ourselves on the different types of bets that are available. We often get asked, “What is the best bet in horse racing?” “What is the smartest bet in horse racing?” This is a difficult question to answer, but here are a few insights that might help you decide which bet works best for you. Why do you think PowerBall and Mega Millions generate so much buzz when they soar past $250 million? When asking yourself what is the best bet in horse racing it can also help to consider your own personality and betting habits. Landing on a Longshot to Win 2020 Preakness Stakes, Get to Know All 13 U.S. Another popular horse racing strategy is Al Capone’s accountant’s strategy. As in other outdoor sports, unexpected results can arise due to changes in the weather. The race takes place at a different track each year and is known as the “Super Bowl of horse racing”. Breeders Cup: Another horse race that pulls in over $100 million yearly. There are plenty of major races that bring out large amounts of wagers. We’ve all done it before, we get lazy and just press the ALL button for third place in the trifecta or for a 2-year-old maiden race filled with first-time starters in a Pick 3 or Pick 4. None of these bets is going to make you rich, but they can increase your overall winnings over time. Here, the player must guess the horses that will finish both first and second in the race. For me, it used to be turf sprints where I’d just throw up my hands. There is no bet you can make that will win 100% of the time. Or when you think the odds on a horse will go up before the race. Most importantly, don’t bet two or more horses to win in the same race. You won’t get rich making it, but over time you can make a nice profit. The absolute best way is to do a quick internet search for “horse racing near me” and take a trip to the track. You start out with at least one bet that’s a guaranteed loser, and it’s a recipe for disaster in the long term. These are straight wagers and exotic wagers. That’s a great spot to make a stand in exotic bets. For those who want to bet a little to win a lot, exotics are the best bet in horse racing today. We’ll explain a bit more about these reasons shortly, but first a refresher on what the Daily Double bet in horse racing is. In recent years it has become popular for race tracks to have a rolling Daily Double that begins on race one and continues through the entire race card. You don’t want to get to the last or second-to-last race on the card and uncover the horse that you liked most for the entire day after already blowing through 90% of the money you budgeted. It seems simple, but you need to put in the work in advance handicapping the card so you know going into the day which races you have the strongest opinion about. There are sportsbooks in America that also feature very good sections for betting on horse racing as well. Straight wagers are going to produce a slower, more consistent yield for the cautious handicapper. Once you have done all of the research and know which horses you are going to stake money on, it is time to actually put your knowledge into action. If you think a horse has a 10% to 15% chance to win and you get 15-1 to 20-1, that’s great value. For example, the Trixie betting strategy. Finally, the takeout on the bet is smaller than some other exotics. However, if they hit, they could be considered the smartest bets in horse racing due to the low chances of correctly hitting them. If people are at the track watching a race, there is a great chance they are there to bet as well. Keep Track of the Current Welcome Bonuses from USA Sportsbooks! The latest lineups, news, odds and predictions for all of your games.
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