He finally got sober with the help of Alcoholics Anonymous. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, 86 percent of adults over 18 report having had an alcoholic drink or drinks at some point in their lifetime, and 56 percent say they've had alcohol in the past month. After one month, the researchers documented a reduction in the participants' GGT. Chris Marshall has organized pop-up Sans Bars in New York, Washington, D.C., and Anchorage, Alaska. I tested my relationship with alcohol for seven days, learning lessons that'll last me a lifetime. hide caption, So he created Sans Bar, a sober bar in Austin. "As opposed to people who identify as alcoholics or problem drinkers, sober curious people are generally defined as those who still have the option to choose. The amount of TV and film shows which depict alcohol as a desirable object is staggering. So it just made it seem like moms need wine to get through the day.". Sometimes, being there is just about wanting to be social and fit in. Experts explain the new movement. The members of this club work out, have demanding jobs and simply don't want to feel foggy or hungover anymore. And he has expanded into permanent spaces in Kansas City, Mo., and western Massachusetts. He organized pop-up bars in Washington, D.C., New York and Anchorage, Alaska. The message behind it is a simple one. But what exactly is the sober curious movement?

Drinks are not cheap and, in many cases, can be downright expensive. hide caption. But does it have to be this way? He became a substance abuse counselor to help others but found that being in recovery was often really lonely. They're sipping handcrafted mocktails, with names like Baby's First Bourbon and Honey Dew Collins, featuring nonalcoholic distilled spirits.

Drinking when I was depressed just made me more depressed; it was shocking to notice how quickly I could go from positive thoughts to insidiously negative ones after just a few sips.

hide caption. Even if I wasn't an "alcoholic," I became interested in assessing the impact that alcohol had on me. A survey from 2019 revealed that 30% of young people in England aged between 16 and 24 do not drink at all, a statistic that has been welcomed by health practitioners and campaigners alike.

Whilst it isn’t a replacement for alcohol rehab and therapy, the sober curious movement is a great way for moderate drinkers to question themselves, kick the habit, and lead a healthier lifestyle. A so-called Sober Curious movement that's been gaining in popularity focuses on eliminating alcohol for health, sleep and wellness reasons, and its founder encourages people to participate by asking them to imagine "what it's like to live hangover free.". And while there is virtually no downside to taking a break from drinking alcohol — or quitting altogether — science is just beginning to study the ways abstinence might be good for you. Well—if your goal is to have a really healthy brain. If you ever feel like you need to put some more money aside, the first thing to consider is cutting down on the drink.

"Being alcohol free can truly feel ostracizing.". As we've reported, there are a variety of treatments beyond Alcoholics Anonymous, including counseling, medications and support groups to help people who want to end that dependency. Not only that but it is synonymous with weight gain, with many drinks containing as many calories as a portion of junk food. We aren't feeling fulfilled, and some of us are wondering if alcohol might actually be hindering us from achieving a state of self-actualization.". "A lot of us are starting to really question what life is really all about. After a monthlong break, researchers measured levels of a liver enzyme called gamma-glutamyltransferase, or GGT. Pop culture reinforces this ideology as well.

Now, if you're worried that you are one of the 17 million U.S. adults who are alcohol dependent, and alcohol is causing you stress or harm, seek medical advice. "We came to a realization that we were drinking way too often and way too much," says Zaleski. Chris Marshall of Austin, Texas, has been sober for the past 12 years.

Chris Marshall is a certified substance abuse counselor and the founder of Sans Bar, a venue for "the nightlife experience" without the alcohol, in Austin, Texas. Alcohol abuse among women in particular has been sharply on the rise for years. At 8 p.m. on a Saturday night, people are starting to pack into a popular bar called Harvard & Stone in a hip Los Angeles neighborhood. Still, abstaining from alcohol — on a short-term basis or longer term — is becoming more common. Julia Robinson for NPR hide caption.

Your friends are talking about it. One day, I had a beer before my yoga class. Drinking wine with friends when I was in a good mood gave me a pleasant, tingling sensation. On the surface, the meaning of the term "sober curious" isn't difficult to glean; it suggests that one is interested in what life would look like without alcohol. By simply asking questions, you might stop yourself from drinking completely or from having too much. Every start of the year, our Instagram feeds are filled with folks trying to curb their drinking or stop altogether.

By comparison, my low point with alcohol came when I was too hungover to do a hot yoga class. "What I want to create across the country are these little incubators for social connection," he says. © 2020 Galvanized Media.

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