In true Greek spirit, Sparta refused to burn the city of Athens. 1. Many dynamic cities at that point were well known, and two such cities were Athens and Sparta. Later, many temples and buildings were also built there. People were offered many luxuries in Athens while people of Sparta did not get many leisure living opportunities.

People had to join the army in Sparta while Athenians had the opportunity to decide if they wanted to educate themselves or accede to the military.

They valued their women immensely and made them a part of their lives. Like Athens's government, Sparta had three branches, but the roles of each branch was very different: The Perioikoi were a secondary type of Spartan citizen who, although not full citizens and therefore unable to participate in the Agoge training, still enjoyed freedom in the Spartan community.

It was a developed city which introduced the concept of democratic rule for the first time.

“History of Ancient Sparta.” LiveScience, Purch, Available here.4. When compared to the treatment of their citizens, it could be argued that Athens loses out to Sparta. While Spartan women were allowed to walk the city freely and participate in sports, the sisters and daughters of Athens had severe restrictions on their rights.

However, Sparta’s decline began a few decades later, after a defeat against the Thebans at the Battle of Leuctra. Spartan women were educated and could own and manage property, unlike Athenian women.
Their advancements in art, science and government make them a far better polis than Sparta. Whoever you side with there is no doubt that both Athens and Sparta were flourishing civilizations in their own rights. 1.“Athens.” DK Find Out!, Available here.2. They had a different way of living life and had more opportunities at that time as compared to other cities. Sparta is currently known as Laconia was a neighboring city of Athens which was famous for its warriors. We don't have any banner, Flash, animation, obnoxious sound, or popup ad.

They had the benefit of an excellent location which was that they were surrounded by hills. Athens was the heart of ancient philosophy. The first main difference between them was that Athens was more famous for its culture and civilization while Sparta was known for its warrior nature and had a fearsome reputation in those days. Individuals who had property close to the walls of Athens were excluded from war legislation, because invaders would certainly destroy their property first and the owners would therefore have a conflict of interest. The Spartan lifestyle, especially that of the Spartan men, was dedicated to learning the art of fighting and the craft of war.

Athens constituted of people who were known as literate while people of Sparta were illiterate. Athens is also considered the cradle of western civilization; this is due to their progress in the fields of philosophy, literature and even architecture. What is the Difference Between Paleolithic and... What are the Similarities Between Black Death and... What is the Difference Between Feudalism and... What is the Difference Between Royalty and Nobility, What is the Difference Between Chef Knife and Utility Knife, What is the Difference Between Parental Involvement and Engagement, What is the Difference Between Coffee Maker and Percolator, What is the Difference Between Cutlery and Flatware, What is the Difference Between Paleolithic and Neolithic Age, What is the Difference Between Retrospective and Prospective. However, today, we use the name Sparta to refer to the city-state. It was said in the early years of Athens, the city-state was governed by a series of kings.

This militaristic state was only possible because of the complex societal structure of Sparta. While the city-state of Sparta was known for their ability to wage war on the ground, it was the superior navy of Athens that would contribute to several key victories during the fist and second Persian invasion as well as the bloody Peloponnesian war. The Delian league with Athens and the Peloponnesian League with Sparta. Athens was one of the largest and most influential city-states of Greece. It is for this reason that Athens is often considered the birthplace of democracy. Both states used many slaves. The city of Athens reached its golden era under the leadership of Pericles (461 to 429 BC). The famous Acropolis is also located in the middle of the city of Athens. Despite restrictions such as these, Athenian democracy was remarkable y successful and well maintained. Athens is the Greek city-state that is considered to be the cradle of civilization and the home to democracy.

This obsession with fighting was supported by their culture. It was only through the farming work of the Helots that the other Spartans were able to free up their time to participate fully in military training.
What is the Difference Between Athens and Sparta, What are the Similarities Between Athens and Sparta. Sparta has been debated for many years but the clear answer is and always will be Athens.

Girls learned the trades and how to make pottery. Greek Empire was one such era in which so many developments took place that they are still remembered in the modern times. “Athens.” Ancient History Encyclopedia, 7 Nov. 2019, Available here.3. While native born Spartans enjoyed full rights and freedoms, there were others who were not so fortunate. They acted as skilled craftsmen and reserve warriors when needed. Athens was a centre of arts, learning and philosophy, whereas Sparta was a warrior society.

Moreover, Spartan women had more rights and freedom compared to women in other Greek states. In Sparta, both boys and girls received physical training to stay fit. The city-state was actually known as Lacedaemon, while the name Sparta itself referred to the main settlement on the banks of the Eurotas River in Laconia, in south-eastern Peloponnese. Sparta is perhaps best remembered for it’s heroic stand at the battle of Thermopylae, where. Internal Customers vs.

More differences between them are given at the end of this topic. Generally, they were considered peaceful and always stayed that way unless they were attacked. Athens and Sparta are two prominent Greek rival city-states. External Customers, Athens was the first ever city to introduce the democratic form of government. The Parthenon, the temple built for Athena, sits on top of a hill in the centre of the city. Girls did not have full rights in Athens and were regarded as wasteful beings but in Sparta they took full part in training because that helped them reproduce warriors according to their beliefs.

“Ancient sparta theater” By Κούμαρης Νικόλαος (Attribution) via Commons Wikimedia. Both states had their own government system that had ensured the welfare of their citizens. Athens and Sparta possessed stable economies when compared to other regions. Hasa has a BA degree in English, French and Translation studies. Sparta’s view toward their women was more liberal than that of Athens.

In addition, manual labour in the city was all done by slaves, allowing Spartan men more time to engage in military pursuits. 1.

Sparta: The Spartan government operated very differently than the Athenian government. What is Athens     – Society, Governance, Athenians2. Ancient Athens was the centre for the arts, philosophy, and learning.

After many years of hard fighting, Sparta won the war. Sparta was the first ever city that was ruled by two different kings as an oligarchy.

The Helots were lower class citizens who were responsible for the agricultural stability of Sparta. Spartan women had more status and freedom than Athenian women. Disclaimer Terms of Publication Privacy Policy and Cookies Sitemap RSS Contact Us.

Her areas of interests include literature, language, linguistics and also food. We may consider ourselves lucky that their history and rich legacy has survived thousands of years; so that we might peer through the looking glass and witness the glory of our ancestors from a time long past. Athens was also the home of the famous Socrates as well as other influential philosophers such as Diogenes and Epicurus. In fact, it is said that each state had about a hundred thousand salves. Our apologies, you must be logged in to post a comment. © 2020 Classical Wisdom Limited.

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