It was actually you, the listener who was Jewish. And you lost this one, just like in the real world, people on Star Trek use the F-word. I scrolled back up to see Boze’s comment and I would not classify it as a racist comment. I don't want to see more "foreheads of the week," Wacky Ferengi Episodes, annual "Lwaxana Troi Visits the Enterprise" affairs, etc.

Rinse and repeat. That was when Trek was at its best.

But they also need to get more competent writers than they have had in the previous 3 seasons of nu-Trek. No one has to be anyone’s sibling to show up on this show in time.

I’ve seen the phrase “mixed serialization” here and absolutely support this idea. So they can easily get over that creatively and have a Kirk and Spock meet up (which is what we all really want to see anyway).

2) I think there is value to using media like Star Trek to envision a brighter future, where people might talk differently than us, more refined, respectful, however you want to put it.

There really aren’t. I too would like some new blood, and don’t wish Akiva or Kurtzman to be in charge, but let’s get someone fresh, we don’t need to go from one hack to another!

Gene made a ton of bad decisions. And I found myself saying “how they hell are they going to get through this?”, even though I already knew they would. And could you leave the “dark” and “gritty” stuff to Discovery, if you must have it at all? = id;

This is so cool! If a prequel takes all the tension away from a story for you, then this story just isn’t for you. (In Star Trek terms, I would call this the “infinite diversity” point.).

It hasn’t gone there, it has developed in place.

Which is more terrible than fck in my mind.].

The streamer has given a series order to “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds…

Super excited about this. PLEASE!

In modern usage, the term fck and its derivatives (such as fcker and fcking) can be used as a noun, a verb, an adjective, an interjection or an adverb. Sometimes it works, as with Ron Moore, or Ira Behr, but more often than not you get people who’s reverence for the material trumps good storytelling.

They’ve done a lot of solid creative work across all the eras. At a time when these very same people endlessly tout their commitment to “diversity”, the irony and hypocrisy couldn’t be bigger! I’ve got it – shat could be in an episode where 90-year-old ret. What do other thinks of it? Kirk grants his wish, Pike evaporates, and we fade out with a new spoken-word recording of “rocket man” by Ethan Peck. He’ll be 90 in 10 months. Which we determined he could a little earlier than we thought!

DS9 didn’t start that until a couple of years into its run. I REALLY want to be wrong. I’m glad you qualified that last statement with “not among the bulk of the fans”, because I was about to call out the powerful inaccuracy of it, otherwise.

They can still go to places where life has developed on its own. It’s a message that pretty much everyone can get behind but it was done in an over the top in your face way that really left a very bad taste in the viewer’s mouth.

e.g. These days I find myself reluctant to begin watching new series [serieses?] } I know you were used to it being that way.

Just worried about who is running it. The worst thing I can think of that starts with R is rape. I heard somewhere they want to do a virtual Comic Con just like what they are doing with the Star Trek conventions. “Truths” are not these folks forte. I find myself wishing that if there are arcs, they are 3 or fewer episodes, with perhaps one season-long continuity that viewers don’t need to feel tied to. Not mixing *pre-warp* cultures. Du bist noch nicht bei Serienjunkies angemeldet... Serienjunkies jetzt als Favorit hinzufügenSerienjunkies als Suchmaschine, Impressum & Nutzungsbedingungen | Datenschutz | Kontakt | Schnäppchen | FAQ | Mediadaten | Jobs | Wikipedia | #staythefuckhome | PayPalMe, © 2003-2020 Serienjunkies GmbH & Co.KG, Kopernikusstr. Her mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no human has gone before!”. Jesse Plemons has always been my choice as well for Tyler as well. It’s part of the official definition and the only people who have a real issue with it seem to me to be people are just looking for problems and can’t find any real ones. I think the idea to show a screwed-up Pike at the start of a Pike show is a bad idea. Thank heavens today producers of Trek do not care if they alienate bigots. Maybe a compromise is something like DS9, where each episode has a self contained story, with elements that run through al of them, culminating in a season finale that ties it al up. I don’t understand why you seek to adhere to “man”, and only “man.” You are far too nitpicky, i’ll say again. In regards to producers doing it… The reaction of fans is based on how good the final product is. Look at Boze’s comments above, and the vitriol he clearly has for minorities, and the LGBTQ community. I’m very much hoping that ViacomCBS, CBSAA, and Secret Hideout have become very aware of how valuable an optimistic, aspirational franchise is now. The (still) operative WGA agreement requires that a certain number of spec scripts be accepted per season for a series that is episodic. It will be produced by CBS Television Studios and will star Anson Mount as Christopher Pike, Ethan Peck as Spock, and Rebecca Romijn as Una.

I’m happy we are getting the Pike driven show. No no… It wasn’t done to acknowledge it was the better way to go. But I wouldn’t say never on him for a Trek show: he’s had a distinguished career since Enterprise, much like Fuller, having worked on Dexter, 24, and a high profile project for Fox called “neXt” debuting this or next year. 1) I like it when world building is consistent You know what I meant.

In effect, at the time of the Declaration, a woman belonged to her husband, or to her father if she was not married. It looks like Lower Decks may be the first to do that. It’s old news. Rubles? There’s no reason for a “compromise” on anything here. Get real. It can be done. I was disappointed with it but it was marginally better than Discovery. The (still) operative WGA agreement requires that a certain number of spec scripts be accepted per season for a series that is episodic. And yet they are still seen as ‘credible’ to their fanbase although they been wrong over and over again and clearly just making up lies.

That is my opinion.

I would argue that things on that front are much better now than they were even a decade ago. Also in the workplace you would not use that kind of language in a professional context.

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