Stephen King's The Mist Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. The Mist Creatures are aliens from the novella& film, and they appear in the shop inWyvern Way! The Mist is a psychological horror novella by American author Stephen King.First published by Viking Press in 1980 as part of the Dark Forces anthology, an edited version was subsequently included in King's 1985 collection Skeleton Crew.In the story, the small town of Bridgton, Maine is shrouded in a dense mist that conceals otherworldly creatures. Terror-pede is a huge centipede-like creature that has huge, claw-like antennas with red tips, supposedly from biting into something. The spider creatures' burning corpses (to the left and right of the military rescue convoy). Killer KiteĀ : The creature will beat its wings menacingly and attempt to carry the player to her doom.

From what can be seen, these creatures look much like Gray Widowers, except they are each about the size of a car.

The Copeland family is separated when a strange mist that harbors deadly creatures enshrouds their small town, cutting it off from the outside world. David Drayton was stabbing it with a torch while his son was trapped in a corner and a Ptero-buzzard had him cornered. They appear to be much larger versions of the, In the film universe, instead of having hundreds of. The mist is inhabited by a creatures which hunt on the basis of scent (as The Mist makes sight almost useless to them), but some of which can also be attracted to light. In the novella, The Mist lasted for at least 3 days, possibly longer. Scorpion-Flies - Stephen King's The Mist Wiki, Pterobuzzard - Stephen King's The Mist Wiki, Gray Widower - Stephen King's The Mist Wiki, Arachni-Lobster - Stephen King's The Mist Wiki,, Large, spider-like creatures, each about twice the size of a full-grown man. The Mist is a thick mist inhabited by various creatures and deadly predators from another dimension. The Arachni-Lobster was also known for killing Private Jessup after he was stabbed three times by Mr. McVey, the store butcher, and thrown outside as a sacrifice. This allowed the creatures to cross over the spilled portal and into the human realm. Pterobuzzard are nocturnal creatures from another dimension that appear to be a mix between a prehistoric pterosaur & a modern day bird of prey. This theory is supported by the fact that the mist originated in Shaymore (which is where the Arrowhead Project took place) and there was a large amount of police and military forces heading towards Shaymore at the time when the mist appeared. Only their burning corpses appeared in the film. It is known for killing Ollie during the escape from the market. In the novella, The Mist is white, has an achrid smell, and warps acoustics, causing close things to sound far away and vice versa. In the novella, The Mist lasted for at least 3 days, possibly longer.

Green Dragonfly spawns in one of the aisles ,If angell gets closer to him or to the room where he is,He will hear her footsteps and wake up to chase her,He will also destroy doors and walls!

Stephen King's The Mist Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. It is unknown whether The Mist was contained or spread across the planet. In the film universe, the creature which attacked Norton's group was most likely an Arachni-Lobster, since the creature seemed very large, and the biker's body was cut in half. Overall Appearance: 6.5/10 Scare Factor: 7/10 This creature may be part of the Misty Guest group/family. When Ted and Vick attempt to retrieve the bodies of the soldiers who had committed suicide from outside the Bridgeville Mall, Ted is killed (presumably by the shadow creature) and his mutilated body is thrown through the glass exit door, smashing it and causing the mist to flood into the mall. In the novella universe, these creatures have pink, burnt-flesh colored skin and their eyes are on stalks protruding from their heads. The Mist Creatures are aliens from the novella & film, and they appear in the shop inWyvern Way!

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