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Related Questions and Answers for Quotes in The Scarlet Letter. Hester is aware of her sin and by making the letter herself, she shows that she is the owner of with her sin, as well as life. The Scarlet Letter Quotes Next. “We will stand all three together” means that he realizes the hurt he caused them. From the perspective of that century, she was a terrible adulteress. Dr. Roger Prynne: Has this new land turned thee into a heathen? Hester Prynne: I have dreamed of speaking my heart, I have prayed for it even as I have dreaded it. The narrator states that he has found the word and even the whole story of the person who adapted himself to the circumstances in which he found himself.

“Death was too definite an object to be wished for or avoided.”. “But it is not recorded that, in a single instance, her skill was called in aid to embroider the white veil which was to cover the pure blushes of a bride.”.

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He accepts them as his family, and that Pearl is his daughter.

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Hester does not lose humanity, pride, and patience. Below you will find the important quotes in The Scarlet Letter related to the theme of Sin. The cowardly lover and vengeful husband cause a feeling of disdain. He sees that she appears to have identified him but his gesture to her to stay silent about his identity. These lines are from the twelfth chapter and show that feelings of fatherhood have overpowered Mr. Dimmesdale.

1986. However, she is allowed to do her needlework for others as she is extremely talented.
The Scarlet Letter quotes are about the mother and her child. These lines are spoken by the narrator of the novel which describes Pearl, the illegitimate daughter of Hester Prynne. The Scarlet Letter shows us the American colony of the mid-17th century, inhabited by the terrible people-the Puritans. It is against the comment of the narrator. He just considers him a physician even though he does not trust anybody. References. These lines show that she is being used by the rich people for embroidery of veils that the brides wear and blush to prove their purity. Be brave, move forward and fight for freedom if only you don't fall down or die. How great was Hester’s crime? “Speak thou for me!’ cried she. He is of the view that Mr. Dimmesdale reaches the point where it does not matter to him whether he stays alive or dies. Hawthorne, Nathaniel. This is very ironic that they show their purity under a veil embroidered by a person ostracized for adultery. From our point of view, she just wanted love. This line shows that though Hester has been engaged in out-of-wedlock relations with somebody, it wasn’t during her relationship with Chillingworth. She get so much griefs and sufferings. It is because he suspects that if he believes somebody, his secret of being Pearl’s father may be exposed. “Here, in a word, – and it is a rare instance in my life, – I had met with a person thoroughly adapted to the situation which he held.”. I start my day with good music and end with some more... Server responsed at: 10/17/2020 8:12 p.m. All texts are contributed by our excellent writers. Brewster Stonehall: So... you f***ed a minister, eh? That is why he permits her to take Pearl with her.

She is destined to endure a humiliating, and continually feel the judgment from others.

Quotes or quotations do not lose their universality whatever the circumstances or times may be. Look to it!”. It also shows a message behind the lines that only Dimmesdale has understood. Hester Prynne: [the elder is about to pin the A on her blousse] Why do you wait?

This shows that such humiliations could ruin one’s life.

Come up hither once again, and we will stand all three together!”.
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. You do not have to fly into space to be among the aliens, sometimes it is enough to refer to the events of our history.

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