You will develop many new friendships throughout your career!

Use at your own risk. After the application background checks have been completed, at the following company meeting the station membership will vote on whether or not to accept you as a new member.

26 members, Station #1 Houses: All your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is also provided to you free of charge. The station locations are as follows: The Vestal Fire Department holds weekly practice and, or meetings on Monday nights.

Mapping errors can be reported after making a search. Applications accepted every Monday at 9am and 7pm at the Vestal Fire Station nearest you. These visits also make it clear to all members that you are serious about joining the Fire Department. These times would be the best times to visit the station and obtain the application form. There have been many members that have used this as a stepping stone to pursue their careers in the field of Firefighting, Fire investigation, Fire prevention, Homeland Security, code enforcement, Law enforcement, First Responder Dispatcher, not only at the local level, but at the state level and beyond. While every effort has been made to include, at the time this was posted, all the steps required, more recent changes in the procedure may not be listed here.

It, in turn, gets its orders from the governing body of the Vestal Fire Department, the Fire Advisory Board.

SERVICES More than just firefighting. There are several incentive programs within the Vestal Fire Department. Once issue, you can then participate in alarms and trainings. Just mention the station number you ar… does not guarantee accuracy. Out of Credit.

Voted in pending Physical and Background check, Pending positive outcome from above, your Fire Fighter journey begins. Realizing this need, a meeting was held on January 25, 1938 to form Company-2. The mission statement stated this was an In depth analysis of Station #4 to determine its ability to meet the needs of both the members, and more importantly, the Community. Chief 32-1 . Great caution should be exercised when this light is turned on, you are representing the Fire Department and should act in a safe and cautious manner while responding to an alarm.

Vestal Fire Department. Forecast for Vestal, NY . The Town of Vestal has four fire stations spread out in various locations around the town. It requires a healthy, physically fit body and a clear thinking mind.

2004 Ford 350XL Super Duty 250 Gallon Water Tank Fire Police and Brush Fire Equipment . Fire station contact and operations information changes on a regular basis and updates come from multiple sources.

The closer the fire station is to the insured address typically means a faster response and a lower risk.

These times would be the best times to visit the station and obtain the application form. All Rights Reserved.

© Vestal Fire Department. You will be issued turn out gear/ personal protective equipment (PPE) from one of your stations Fire Advisory Board (FAB) officers (Asst.

Chassis: 2017 Freightliner M2 112 | Engine: Detroit Diesel DD13, 12.8L, 450 hp

PREVIOUS NEXT. Engine 32-1, Tower 32-1, Rescue 32-1, Brush 32-1, Boat 32-1 Command Vehicle 32 Drive time doesn't equal response timeResponse time includes putting on gear, locking the doors and loading onto the truck, in addition to drive time. Resulting include driving distance, approximate drive time, fire station name, address, phone, volunteer/paid status and a link to see more info on

Station #3 houses, Engine 32-3, Tanker 32-3, Mini 32-3, Utility 32-3, Boat 32-3 {{ fmtname(, }}.

Forms may be filled out on the first visit or filled out and returned at a later date.

This company was officially incorporated on January 3, 1922. They will then go out of the station for training or stay at the station for classroom studies. Please add more to continue. This company was officially incorporated on January 3, 1922. Please Sign In or Create an account to continue. Station Summary.

The Vestal Fire District encompasses all of the land within the boundaries of the Town of Vestal, approximately 53 square miles. Once your passed physical results re received by the Vestal Fire Department, you will be issued your proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). PUBLIC CALENDAR. Upcoming Events and Public Meetings.

It is rare that an applicant is turned down, but it has happened in the past for various reasons. “I want to help my community”, “I want to serve my town”, and “I want to help people”. Est. Just mention the station number you ar…

Please Sign In to continue.

They are more or less in order, but items may be omitted or added as situations warrant. 2006 Kawasaki Mule65 gallon skid unit for grass / woods firesFor Off-Road UseShown pulling the trailer that it's towed on. You may have to travel to other parts of Broome County to attend the course, and may choose to meet at the station and car pool to the training class site with other new members. Please click the verification link in the email we sent.

Members are provided a medical physical at certain interval years based upon your age, the expense is paid by the fire department. This site, which was purchased from the Vestal Central School District, was known as the "Old Annex". The company was officially incorporated on December 3, 1945. Find the driving distance to the 3 nearest fire stations in a 20 miles radius.

Read more . General information about the town and list of Town Board Committees. You should make every attempt to visit the station for Monday trainings. All Rights Reserved. The Vestal Fire Department holds weekly practice and, or meetings on Monday nights. These changes will be relayed to the you at the time an application is turned in.

Fire radio alerting equipment such as tone activated pocket pagers are issued to each firefighter.

The growth in the town gradually moved eastward and, in … It is not, nor has it ever been, or ever implied to have been, a license to speed. Some of our volunteers have careers in these fields, and would be a good source of information, if you are thinking about a career in any of the above. It also has training for day fire fighters on Monday mornings, starting at 9am.

2014 custom Spartan chassis with a 10 man cab. The applicant will be run through a background and arson check to see if you have any prior record that would interfere in the duties of a Volunteer Fire Fighter. You may, when membership is granted, respond to any of the four stations for an alarm. Probably the biggest benefit is knowing that you have given back to your community as a volunteer. Click here to report incorrect or missing contact information Physical Address. You may purchase a "Blue Light" or blue courtesy light that firemen are entitled to display on their vehicles. © Vestal Fire Department.

There is no associated webcam with this station.

Station History Company Number One was the first fire company in the Town of Vestal. Vestal Fire Apparatus. All Rights Reserved. About Us. The Vestal Fire Department is an all volunteer, 100% taxpayer supported, organization that provides fire protection to the Town of Vestal. There are specific State required courses, specified by the role that you will be performing within the Vestal Fire Department.

Use the icon links to(edit) or(delete) out-of-date info. The first fire station in the town was erected in 1924, immediately to the south of the present Station One building on North Main St., at a cost of $11,114. Here are some scholarships available through FASNY.

The purpose of this page is to provide you, the prospective member, with a step-by-step list of the procedures that a person seeking to join the Vestal Fire Department should be prepared to go through. After the vote is counted, you will be asked to return to the meeting room and will be advised of the outcome of the vote.

Rear, Left, and Right 10” dump chutes, 1999 Rescue One Connector BoatFlat Bottom, 40HP E-Tec Engine, 2009 Chevy Tahoe LT, Response vehicle for Assistant Chief of Station #3, 2003 International1000GPM Pump, 250 Gallon Tank, 1500 GPM Pump, 3000 Gallon Tank, 3500 Gallon Portable Tank, 2005 LaFrance/Tracey FordFire Police Unit - Traffic Arrow, Cones, Winch, Lighting, Air Trailer 32 Mobile Cascade SystemAT32 is a trailer normally tied to Utility 4 that responds when a large incident happens requiring a large use of bottled air.

The Vestal Volunteer Fire Department has a "Company Meeting" in each of the four stations on the first Monday of each month. The journey has just begun! Current Active Membership:

Concentrate and 30 Gal 1%,3% AR-AAAF Foam Concentrate Tanks. This truck carries vital extrication tools, cribbing, ropes, fans and lighting. New York State provides a Tax Credit of $200 to those who are active in a volunteer Fire Department.

Boat 32-1. After certain requirements are met, and if you stay and maintain an Active status year to year, there is a monthly monetary compensation that you receive after you reach the age of 65 based upon the Active Years of service you provided.

It is also equipped with Water packs, axes, and rakes for use as a Brush Fire Vehicle. Over the years the town continued to grow until, near the end of World War II, Company Three was formed to protect the western end of town.

The Department also provides rewards based upon years of service throughout your career.
Vestal Fire Department. Vestal Fire Department is also known as: Station 4. We offer no pay, but will provide all the necessary equipment, free training, and a retirement plan for qualifying members.

It should also be noted that the Town of Vestal does not discriminate in any way against any applicant for town employment, including membership in the Vestal Volunteer Fire Department.

2004 Sutphen70 Foot Aerial Platform1500GPM Pump, 500 Gal Tank.

It refills 2 bottles at one time and responds mutual aide to other fire companies to help fill their bottles as well, 2008 Chevy Tahoe LT, Response vehicle for Assistant Chief of Station #4, American LaFrance/National Foam2000GPM Pump, 800 Gal Water Tank, 200 Gal of 1%,3% AR-AFFFFoam Concentrate, 200GPM Deck Monitor, Hale Foam System, Tower 32-4, HME 104’ Tower, 2,000 GPM Pump, 500-gallon tank.
Cultivating new skills that can help in all facets of your life and prepare you for a possible new career. The application form will be read out loud in front of the membership body of the station.

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