(Tori sees her mother looking on her PearPhone XT).

(everyone starts laughing, except for Tori). A Looney Bat! Dann landet Tori in einer alten TV-Show als Kandidatin, in der sie ständig von einem Hummer durchgekitzelt wird. Tori: Why are you up? At the end of the episode, when Cat falls asleep at the study hall, Jade finds her and removes all of Cat's hair as revenge for waxing off her eyebrows.

Fawn is led out of the school, and Tori is relieved that it is all over. Ponnie wore a blonde wig in this episode, although this could very well be Jennette's real hair pinned up and put into a hat. She would have needed a razor and wax to make her completely bald. The girl's name is Ponnie (played by guest star Jennette McCurdy). Ro. To prove Ponnie's existence, Tori goes outside onto the porch along with the delivery woman, and the delivery woman reveals herself to be Ponnie after all. Once on, This is the fourth time Daniella and Jennette worked together. Click here to see the photo gallery for Crazy Ponnie. Cat: Yes, girls do that, we groom each other like monkeys!

She then ambushes Cat by the window in Sikowitz's classroom and proceeds to violently attack an unknowing Cat. Ponnie kicks Tori in the shin and dumps the food onto her head telling her to get out of her school. Tori brings Sikowitz and her friends to her locker to prove that there is a Ponnie, and to Tori's horror, the locker has returned to normal, once again saying Make it Shine. Well, guess what Tori? TheTVDB is an open database, meaning that if information or images are missing, you're welcome to log in and add the information yourself. Tori: (to André) Her name is Ponnie! Sikowitz: She's crazy! Even though it's said Beck has never experienced true fear, he gives more of a frightened reaction than the easily-frightened Robbie when Jade jumps through the window and screams. Ponnie: My name is Ponnie with a P. Ponnie! Fawn is angry because Hollywood Arts kicked her out to make room for Tori, and Tori's locker used to be Fawn's locker.

(Sinjin plays his saxophone) First, I'm supposed to- (to Sinjin) Do you have to play that now? Jade starts by chasing Cat in the halls but is restrained by Beck and André several times, or when she is handcuffed to the table during lunch. Call me stupid, but can somebody explain.? In the episode where Torie's sister is performing for the school in the crowd is Spencer from another Dan Schieder TV show called iCarly. The episode premiered to 2.603 million viewers, the fourth lowest amount of viewers for a Victorious episode. The evil Talking Tori doll used in this episode is actually an American Girl Doll. Am Ende sind sie alle zusammen in Toris und Trinas Wohnung und beenden die Folge mit einer Ansage ans Publikum. The gang saying words starting with the "b" and changing them to words that start with the letter "p". Both iCarly and Victorious are produced by Dan Schneider. This is the first time that Jennette portrays someone crazier than her character on iCarly. Wahoo Punch was used several times in the series 'iCarly'. And I know Ponnie did it. Later at Tori's house, Beck, André, and Robbie try to calm Tori down, as she continues to persist there is a girl named Ponnie.

Twice on. It's Skybucks coffee from the show iCarly. Daraufhin erlebt sie einen völlig chaotischen, phantasievollen 1. If you listen to Robbie's puppet, he asks "I thought you were gonna take me to Inside Out Burger?" She stole things, put weird things in her backpack, calling everyone Debby.

I like stupid jokes like Sikowitz and the sausage which is a weird scene but not Jade crawling for no reason or Tori boarding a helicopter in the middle of the school, I even find Drake Bell cameo stupid and unnecessary. When everyone is outside having lunch, Jade reaches for Cat with the handcuffs on, then the camera cuts to Cat. When Cat's hair grows back, it was brown since she hasn't dyed the hair that hadn't grown yet.

When April Fool's Day comes to Hollywood Arts, Tori spends her day expecting creative pranks and practical jokes, but is completely oblivious to a series of absurd events and crazy happenings around her.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. It says Make It Rot! Robbie: (singing while playing the guitar) Tori oh, Tori, my insane little bunny, your paranoid delusions are kind of sad funny.

(Trina blows her nose very loudly from upstairs) https://victorious.fandom.com/wiki/Crazy_Ponnie?oldid=850603, This is the mysterious Jennette McCurdy episode that was once thought to be. Holly: It's 3:30 in the morning. Ponnie: The only thing you need to know is, I belong at this school, not you. Tori: No, you have a great name! Tori starts making siren wails as several police officers rush & handcuff Ponnie, Sikowitz & Lane arrive.

Tori runs out into the hallway to look for Ponnie, only to discover her locker has been vandalized, with it now saying "Make it Rot". The locker originally said "Make It Die" but due to the controversy over the topic of death, Dan may have decided not to put it in the, This is also the sixth episode to air immediately following a new iCarly, after, The Talking Tori doll is a parody of the Talking Tina doll from the ".

This is the ninth show/movie in which Jennette appeared on Nickelodeon. He explains that she kept strange things in her backpack, and called everyone Debbie for some reason. Strangely, her water appears again. In the episode "Prom Wrecker," when Tori is announcing the prom queen, when you look closely at the screen, one of the names is Robin Weiner. Danwarp was one... On the episode of Victorious when Jade doesn't get to perform her play the way she wrote it at a rich theater, look at the part when the play is over and the people are leaving. Ponnie disappearing when there are other people around. (: Answer Save. André!

When Tori and Ponnie are arguing, Ponnie says. That night, Tori talks to her mother about the Ponnie incident and they set a trap with Tori's dad's partner in the police force. Ponnie said that she was in the big showcase with Tori; however, considering the fact that she is crazy, this may or may not be true. Ponnie: There's room for two in the handicap stall. Trina (from upstairs): Oh, it's so thick and green! (Tori stunned) I'm not crazy!

Dabei spielen weder Zeit noch Raum eine Rolle: so fliegt Robbie aus dem Raum … Andre denkt auf einmal, es wäre Krieg … Tori und Jade finden sich als Hexen von Oz wieder und so weiter.

Cat: Well, Jade and I were hanging out last night and she asked me to do her eyebrows. Trina complaining about her used tissues. (starts crying). Used to be my locker. The camera cuts to Robbie, and then it cuts back to Jade. Anyway she's, she's like been tormenting me and I'm just, I'm just so worried that what are you doing?.

Rex: It is just me or Tori a lot hotter now that she's crazy? The next day Tori wanders into the hallway alone, attempting to lure Ponnie out. She could have been wearing contacts or wears fake glasses. April Fools Blank Victorious episode.?

Tori regt sich auf, dass niemand auf der Hollywood Arts auf Aprilscherze steht.

It aired on June 9th, 2012. Tori: What? Whenever the camera zooms out in the main hallway way of the school, you can see a vending machine that says "Wahoo Punch'. It would actually be illegal for Ponnie to dress up like an officer, and drive a registered police car, so if Ponnie tries to do something like driving Tori and Trina somewhere else than the police officer, or home, the cops will notice and come after the car (as that every police car is connected with the others).

Tori rushes back inside to tell her friends, and Beck, André, and Robbie believe Tori has lost her mind. Why was Trina in school when she was clearly extremely sick and even possibly contagious when she should have stayed home instead?

Victorious-April Fools Blank 3/6 karaharrison12. {C}Tori realizes that nobody in Hollywood Arts celebrates April Fool's Day, even though numerous random things happen.

Crazy Ponnie Jade Has No Eyebrows & Cat's Hair Gets Cut Off. And... thank you André and Beck for handcuffing Jade to the table.

She has the same ringtone as Spencer on iCarly.

My Locker said 'Make It Rot' just a second ago! Ponnie: (holds up whistle ball) Looking for this?

Tori befriends Ponnie and invites her to eat with her friends. Podczas Prima Aprilis Tori spędza dzień oczekując na twórcze figle i kawały, ale jest całkowicie niepomna na serię absurdalnych zdarzeń i szalonych wydarzeniach wokół niej. In the classroom scene, one of the extras has Nike shoes on. (directed at Ponnie) A Real Nutcase! 12. Tori oh, Tori, my psychotic little bunny, kiss me one time before they take you away. Victorious Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community.

Tori: PONNIE! Upon investigating, she discovers a girl sitting on the toilet, eating a sandwich and crying. Cat: (referring to Jade) Ah! 5 Answers. See, my locker says 'Make It Shine'. When Ponnie dumped the Chinese food on Tori's head it missed. Sikowitz: What? Ponnie: I used to go to school here. Wanko's Warehouse 24m. This is the second episode title to include the word, Instead of Tori's locker saying "Make It Shine," it says "Make It Rot." Holly: Tori. Okay here's what's going on in my life right now. Jade wouldn't have found Cat in the study as no one knew that she was in Study Hall.

Jennette started that her character is different and something new from what she usually does. Why won't it...?! In the episode Robberotzi, right after the theme song immediately when Robbie sits down in the upper right corner there is a computer that says Icarly.com on it. I don't get this Victorious episode. (Holds out pieces of her hair). Sikowitz: What's going o... (sees Ponnie) Fawn Liebowitz?!

Please help me, she's going to kill me! She begins to buy a drink from the vending machine, only for a hand to grab Tori through the slot. Inside Out Burger is mentioned often in... On the episode of Victorious "The Birth Week" when the camera shows different parts of the street when Trina's recording the song, you'll see the sign to the place she's at. During an evening when Cat and Jade are hanging out together, Cat accidentally waxes Jade's eyebrows off when asked to do a makeover on them, so Jade runs around at school trying to get back at Cat. It aired on March 24th, 2012. Release year: 2010. Jade could not possibly make Cat completely bald with just a pair of scissors. Daka is a shoe company that was in iCarly and Drake and Josh, which were both made by Dan Schneider. It is also stated that Jennette's the first. The food her friends have ordered arrives at the door, and, to Tori's horror, the delivery woman is Ponnie in disguise. Tori calls for help, and police rush out to arrest Fawn. Ponnie: (to Sikowitz) Lick my loafers, Debby! Jade is still mean to Tori in this episode because she teases Tori about Ponnie’s hair color and says "Where can I get one (of the evil talking Tori dolls)?" (Jade turns around and Beck and André see her face without eyebrows; they look at her in shock). On the very first episode of Victorious, look and listen to the part when I think Trina and Tori first walk into Hollywood Arts.

Correcting people that Fawn's fake name is Ponnie, not Bonnie.

Beck: (to Jade) Why are you so mad at Cat? But as Tori shows up at the lunch table with her friends André, Beck, Jade, Robbie, and Cat, Ponnie vanishes. Tori: Ponnie?! With a P! Robin Weiner is a producer of "Victorious. Ponnie said she continued to eat her lunch in the janitor's closet, but she flushed her sandwich in the toilet and she was in the. Sikowitz! The ending to this episode (Ponnie driving the police car) is quite dark for a Nickelodeon show. Josh, from Drake and Josh, written by the same producers of Victorious, comes... On the Victorious episode April Fools Blank, look at the end when the cast starts singing and dancing to Shut Up and Dance. I'm angry about it!

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