In eight World Series games, he batted .200 (4-for-20) with 4 RBI and 1 walk.[1].

[5] Regarded as a "thinking man's" pitcher who liked to outwit batters, Spahn once described his approach on the mound: "Hitting is timing.

I matured a lot in three years, and I think I was better equipped to handle major league hitters at 25 than I was at 22.

PSA CardFacts welcomes the input of knowledgeable collectors and dealers to help improve the PSA CardFacts Condition Census listings. There are related clues (shown below). Notes: The Date / Box field has a link to the box score from the game being described. [3] His 63 career shutouts is the highest total in the live-ball era and sixth highest overall. Spahn pitched on two other Braves pennant winners, in 1948 and 1958. stats, pitching stats (where applicable), cumulative career totals

During the 1957 World Series, Sal Maglie of the Yankees, ineligible to pitch in the series because he was acquired too late in the season, watched the games with Robert Creamer of Sports Illustrated and made assessments of the players. The 1942 Braves finished next to last, and Stengel was fired the following year. [1] His number would be retired by the Braves later that year. Warren Spahn appeared in 39 Major …

Facing the San Francisco Giants, the 42-year-old Spahn became locked into a storied pitchers' duel with 25-year-old Juan Marichal. When cards are grouped in this way, the total number of cards per position will be shown in parentheses after the PSA grade. IMPORTANT NOTE: The PSA CardFacts Condition Census is a work-in-progress and should only be used as a guide.

The statue was created by Shan Gray, who has sculpted numerous other statues of athletes which stand in Oklahoma, including two others of Spahn.
Spahn also made his acting debut with a cameo appearance as a German soldier in a 1963 episode (S2E8 "Glow Against the Sky")[28] of the television series Combat! He led the league in wins eight times (1949–50, 1953, 1957–61, each season with 20+ wins) and won at least 20 games an additional five times (1947, 1951, 1954, 1956, 1963). He had once been hit in the face by a thrown ball that he was not expecting, and his broken nose settled into a hook-like shape. [4] For several decades, Spahn's Hall of Fame plaque contained a typographical error, crediting him with 2,853 strikeouts.[22].

Warren Spahn pitched in 38 Major League games during the 1961 regular season. [1] Spahn won the 1957 Cy Young Award and was a three-time runner-up during the period when only one award was given for both leagues.

In their Naked Gun films, producers Zucker, Abrahams and Zucker sometimes included joke credits.

His major league career began in 1942 with the Braves and he spent all but one year with that franchise, first in Boston and then in Milwaukee. Buyers or sellers of a particular card should do their own research to determine the relative importance of that card. [1] His 363 career win total ranks sixth overall in major league history; it is also the most by a pitcher who played his entire career in the post-1920 live-ball era. For example, some referred to the 1993 San Francisco Giants' imbalanced rotation as "Burkett and Swift and pray for snow drift."[15]. The PSA CardFacts Condition Census lists the ten finest PSA-graded examples of a particular card.

As his fastball waned, Spahn adapted, and relied more on location, changing speeds and a good screwball. Did you know that Warren Spahn pitched 22 games at home, had an ERA of 2.03, pitched 168.1 innings, allowed 128 hits, had 38 earned runs, 42 runs, and 10 home runs, walked 34 batters (1 intentionally), threw 1 wild pitches, hit batters 0 times, and balked 0 times? Spahn managed the Tulsa Oilers for five seasons, winning 372 games from 1967 to 1971.

then we'll use Sain Wes Ferrell, who spent most of his time in the American League, holds the overall record for pitchers, with 37. He led the league in wins eight times (1949–50, 1953, 1957–61, each seaso…

we hope [12], Spahn's teammate Johnny Sain was the ace of the pennant-winning 1948 Braves staff, with a win-loss record of 24–15.

Warren also captured the Cy Young Award in 1957 after posting a 21-11 record with 18 complete games, 130 strikeouts and a 2.69 ERA.
Need Help? [1] He played in Major League Baseball as a left-handed pitcher in 1942 and then from 1946 until 1965, most notably for the Boston Braves who became the Milwaukee Braves after the team moved west before the 1953 season.

Hall of Famer Carl Hubbell, who was in attendance that night, said of Spahn, "He ought to will his body to medical science. He won the NL Player of the Month Award in August 1960 (6–0, 2.30 ERA, 32 SO) and August 1961 (6–0, 1.00 ERA, 26 SO), Spahn acquired the nickname "Hooks", not so much because of his pitching, but due to the prominent shape of his nose. for all stats, uniform numbers worn, salary data and other factual

Spahn won the next day, and Sain won the day after that.

Do you know that man is 42 years old?

For many years he owned and ran the large Diamond Star Ranch south of Hartshorne, Oklahoma before retiring to live near a golf course in Broken Arrow.[23][24].

[13], In honor of the pitching duo, Boston Post sports editor Gerald V. Hern wrote this poem which the popular media eventually condensed to "Spahn and Sain and Pray for Rain":[14].

In a 2-1 win against the Chicago Cubs, he pitched his 300th winning game.

document.write(update); Stengel later said that it was the worst managing mistake he had ever made: I said "no guts" to a kid who went on to become a war hero and one of the greatest lefthanded pitchers you ever saw. By the last two seasons of his career, Spahn was the oldest active player in baseball. When the Braves vacated Turner Field to move into their current home of Truist Park, the statue was moved, and now stands outside that ballpark.

First we'll use Spahn List of Major League Baseball career wins leaders, List of Major League Baseball annual ERA leaders, List of Major League Baseball annual strikeout leaders, List of Major League Baseball annual wins leaders, List of Major League Baseball career strikeout leaders, List of Major League Baseball all-time leaders in home runs by pitchers, "Warren Spahn at the Baseball Hall of Fame", "It's time Lolich gets his name called for the Hall", "Warren Spahn Award at the Baseball Almanac", "Warren Spahn, 82, Dies; Left-Handed Craftsman of the Baseball Mound for 21 Seasons", "Rare feet: Opposing hurlers steal bases in the same game", "Spahn and Sain and Trade for Burdette: Never Trust Gimmicky Rhymes", "Giants fans have no reason to fear the Braves", "Milwaukee Braves vs San Francisco Giants July 2, 1963 Box Score", "Boston Red Sox vs Kansas City Athletics September 25, 1965 Box Score", "Strong Minded Spahn Ignoring Sign Posts of Retirement? In Spahn's final season, during his stint with the Mets, Yogi Berra came out of retirement briefly and caught 4 games, one of them with Spahn pitching. After one more off day, the two pitchers were brought back, and won another doubleheader. In 1957, Spahn was the ace of the champion Milwaukee Braves.

biographical data, year-by-year hitting stats, detailed fielding 5 “Spahn Beats Giants on Second No-Hitter,” Milwaukee Journal, April 29, 1961. Spahn joked a long time later, "I'll never forgive myself. If more than ten cards are tied for the top ten positions, then cards may be grouped by position into a single line in the grid.

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