Voted Best Flower In The State Of Colorado 2017 By. Directed by the infamous Michael Bay, known for driving logic underground with his films - he was at the helm of these four projects that very successfully destroyed every fan's dreams of seeing their favourite cartoon being adapted nicely for the big screen. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. We here at Honest Marijuana love thinking up fun activities to try while we’re stoned out of our gourd on 100-percent-organic, and listen to music. Every fan theory about the 1982 film Blade Runner is wrong. From. Watch any of these movies with your favorite flower, concentrate, or edible and we promise you won’t be disappointed. Rule no. Trippy costumes by Jean-Paul Gaultier, crazy space action, and some great lines by Bruce Willis and Chris Tucker make this one of our go-to movies to watch high. Subjected to a lot of criticism for it's convoluted logic - it might be just the perfect movie to watch when you're in a semi-dream state. He drags Al Pacino along with him in to this mess of a film. With environmental and spiritual themes captured in a mesmerizing visual display, Avatar is one of those movies where being high just enhances an already epic film. The visuals in this over-the-top racing movie based on the 1960s anime series are stunning and can only really be appreciated after doing a few bong hits. In this eye-opening documentary, Leonardo DiCaprio talks to scientists, activists, and world leaders to discuss climate change, including its current and pending danger as well as possible solutions. Time slippage due to increased gravity? Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure (1989), There you have it, folks. It’s just campy fun, but on cannabis, it becomes an instant classic. Samsara is a breathtaking documentary unlike anything you’ll ever see. Honest Marijuana operates in compliance with state laws regarding access to cannabis. Samsara is the Sanskrit word that refers to the Wheel of Life and the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth.

Enjoy your stoned-night-out with the 35 best movies to watch when high. Christian Parroco is a photographer, video gamer, Kanye West enthusiast, and the Content Manager for Wikileaf. Kanan Gill and Biswa Kalyan Rath made their careers on this - laughing at the really bad movies.

Spanning 25 countries over five years, this non-narrative documentary goes on a journey of greater understanding of the human spirit and natural world, while looking at war, suffering, violence, greed, poverty, and financial success around the world amongst the various cultures that make up the global community. However, once you're over the initial hesitance - be prepared to be bowled over the magical duo of Edward Norton and Brad Pitt. You might need the high to laugh at this spectacularly dull movie about superheroes and superpowers. Slackers. This 2009 movie directed by James Cameron (Titanic) became an instant classic. $3.99.

The Fountain is one of those movies that you can only understand when you’re high.

Definitely one of the best movies to watch high and one that you’ll want to watch again to pick up on what you missed out the first time. Alice in Wonderland is a mind-opening strain with strong cerebral, almost psychedelic effects will only expand Avatar’s already amazing cinematography. 1 - watch it high, and you'll like the striking visuals even more than usual. If you care about the planet and the current state of the environment at all, Before the Flood is a must-see documentary.

14. Plus, Gerard Butler yelling, “This is Sparta!” launched a thousand classic memes. Subs. ", "Everyone ends up in the same damned place. This film shut DC down for 7 years, after which they decided to reboot it afresh with Chris Nolan in 2004.

Blue Dream is one of them. Cheers to that!

to make you feel better, pop in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and feel like yourself again. John Wick is hyper-violent, so don’t watch this flick with kids around. Wouldn’t it blow your mind if that were true?

Another of the classic comedies from the 1980s. We love this movie for the truth it speaks and for the twist at the end that will make you rewind and rewatch it from the beginning.

Even though it’s animated, this movie is definitely NFK. What Country Has the Best Weed in the World? As a tribute to that activity, the experts at Honest Marijuana have put together a list of the 50 best movies to watch, Inception is one of those movies that will blow your mind when you’re completely lucid. The movie is inventive in its approach towards addressing heartbreak and moving on, and it takes quite a few twist and turns. Based on the highly appreciated anime series of Avatar, Shyamalan hit a new low with this movie. Maybe. Inception (2010) Inception is one of those movies that will blow your mind when you’re completely lucid.

Directed by Gasper Noe, this film made the whole psychedelic trip more accessible to India. Edgar Wright's other directorial venture that does a comic book take on teenage romance where the character Scott Pilgrim will have to overcome a girl's army of ex-boyfriends to win her heart.

Chris Tucker, Ice Cube, and a cast of colorful characters show you what it’s like trying to come up with $200 in the hood. We don’t have a lot of the stereotypical stoner movies on our list, but Up In Smoke is a must-see for all of you who want to know about weed culture before cannabis was legal. The stoner's favourite filmmaker, you ask? In a bid to explain the movie, I could simply say the film runs backwards, however that would be shortchanging the logic and the impact of the film. Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory (1971), 49. "There's a Strain For That." Where to Watch Full Cast & Crew Buy DVD. Having satisfied their urge for White Castle, Harold and Kumar jump on... Thief Kevin Caffery attempts to rob from the home of rich businessman... "Miss World 1970: The launch of a revolution", "If it chooses you, nothing can save you. With some. With environmental and spiritual themes captured in a mesmerizing visual display, Avatar is one of those movies where being high just enhances an already epic film. Making a lot of movies to watch when you’re high. At the time the only movie I've seen rapstar Redman was in Seed of Chucky which I thought he was pretty good in that movie even though seed of chucky was one of my least favorite chucky movies. Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy (2004), Nothing could be better than watching the Dude (“His Dudeness, Duder, or El Duderino if you’re not into the whole brevity thing.”) stumble through life. Watching it high might actually help you focus on the essentials, and you might actually make sense of it. From stoner classics like Up in Smoke to movies that have absolutely nothing to do with weed, there are plenty of movies that are blunt-rolling worthy. The jokes never stop in this comedy about a shell-shocked war hero who has to land a passenger jet after the pilots get sick. Watching movies high has been a popular pastime among potheads for decades. Based on its source of graphic novel material, the wacky visuals are sure to be good fun when you're watching it intoxicated with various liquid and gaseous substances. I've seen the movie Friday and loved it. This film has the most hilarious marijuana plot device in film history, when the two lead dim-witted characters steal a whole car made of marijuana and drive from Mexico to LA with a police officer chasing them.

The movie is only funnier since The Dude is stoned almost through the film, watch out for that special sequence where he hallucinates about 'bowling' with the character of Julianne Moore. It’s worth your time to watch the movie that caused the marijuana scare of the 1960s, 70s, and 80s for nothing more than sheer historical value. From.

A movie about the quest for more dope. As someone who has seen the movie after a few pints watch out for that sensational scene with Sonu Nigam in the climax. “Do you realize what the street value of this mountain is!”. Containing some laugh-worthy special effects, the film came under severe criticism as to why Shyamalan was paid after making such a bad movie - might be a great film over a drink or two. Also, it certainly doesn't help if you watch it at the age of 9, like the author. We like watching this movie while we’re high because of all the crazy action. We list a few movies which you should watch during your next night-out after the multiple beer cartons and/or the 'medicinal grass'. Great company for that Saturday night! No matter how you like to consume your cannabis, the following are some of the best movies to watch when high. How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Pennsylvania, Mo Money, Less Problems: Economic Incentives for 2020 Legalization Measures, The Top Cannabis Influencers Changing the Game, AOC, Progressives Up in Arms with Dems for Pulling Marijuana Bill, New Zealand Prime Minister Admits to Past Cannabis Use, SAFE Banking for Cannabis Businesses on Life Support, Minnesota Marijuana: A Tale of Two Parties, Travel Guru Rick Steves’ Hot Tips on Legalizing Pot in Conservative States.
This Coen Bros production stars Jeff Bridges as 'The Dude' as he battles a case of mistaken identity, after which things get a little out of hand.

Of course there was no one watching it in the theatre. Featuring the successful duo of Martin Scorsese-Leonardo Di Caprio, this is the experiment in the genre of 'slasher films'. And everyone enjoys the melodrama, the bad acting, all the hamming whilst they're high, which is why here are a few really bad ones that you should watch during your next night out: The trailer got our attention with Himesh Bhai's (allegedly) photo-shopped physique and the chart-buster 'Ice cream khaaungi...Kashmir jaaungi...'. But all the action, jokes, and stellar animation are made so much better on marijuana. Should be great fun while high. There are movies with tacky special effects, and then there's Jaani Dushman which is a series of tacky special effects stuck together as a 'film'. But by far, our absolute most-favorite thing to do when we’re half-baked on baked goods is to watch movies.
Ivy League ways are strange but Silas and Jamal take it in a stride -- until their supply of supernatural smoke runs dry. Hardcore Henry is shot almost entirely in first-person perspective, so you’re definitely going to need some marijuana to get through this one. One night he meets a 'bunny', who tells him that the world is going to end in 28 days. Sure to blow your mind when you're watching it intoxicated, only ever slightly. You must be 21 years of age or older to view this website. If you care about the planet and the current state of the environment at all, Before the Flood is a must-see documentary.

Christopher Nolan again. One of the original dystopian movies (before dystopian was a thing), A Clockwork Orange takes you into an alternate reality that is becoming more and more real every day.

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