In every meaningful way he would have been to Mars. What I found most interesting about this story is Dick’s vision of the future, and how scary we are coming close to making his vision a reality. PKD's stories are written in the style of his era (meaning, not 'great' writing), but his ideas are often mind-blowing.
to the sf genre, successfully including common elements such as advanced technology and interplanetary travel. ( Log Out /  I firmly believe most people trust their memory too damn much.

In this (very) short story about memory, Douglas Quail dreams of visiting Mars. And more generally here’s a comment. “We Can Remember It for You Wholesale” might be my favorite title of any PKD story. The story We Can Remember it for You Wholesale, if I had to guess is what the movie Total Recall is based off of.
David Heska Wanbli Weiden knew just what he’d be doing as the August launch of his debut novel, Winter Counts, was approaching. 1.What is spurious? He could almost feel the enveloping presence of the other world, which only Government agents and high officials had seen. Haha. Turns out he was a spy who had his memory wiped... again, we're ok. Or is he just a sad shmendrik with delusions of grandeur? I understand that with brain mapping we know that many parts of the brain are involved in creating and recalling events, places and things. Analysis I always feel weird reviewing a PKD story because I'm worried I completely missed the point but IDC. It’s a short freebie online and completely worth it! Perhaps she did not like her assignment and she knew it was only a matter of time before the real memories came about. With his memories returned, the armed men appeal to Quail to surrender, but Quail, with his abilities awakened as well, fights them off and escapes. I found myself feeling as though I was about to miss something important, especially when Quail visited Rekal, so I read that carefully. To everyone's shock, those memories turn out to be real as well.

First, I was surprised at how short a short story it was, it's only about 10 pages. Talking with his wife, he realizes that there are two competing memories in his mind about Mars, but he does not know how to differentiate the real one from the implanted one. What surprised me the most was the fact that they’re so far into the future that they can just program memories and make it seem like you had experiences you never had. Spielberg is probably the exception, for example in The Minority Report and the War of the Worlds remake… his attention to detail is noticeably better than the rest.

While I was getting the link I resubscribed to the mailing list which I seem to have dropped off of some time ago. While finding the fantasy narcissistic, his commanders agree to plant the memories at Rekal. By Philip K. Dick; Read by William Hootkins "An illusion, no matter how convincing, remained nothing more than an illusion. The second surprise was how little of the plot of either version of the movie, especially the similarities between the two, was actually in the story. It’s a more interesting direction seeing as he is somewhat lost in his memories.

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