Soldiers enter the Johansens' apartment at 4 a.m. and think that the Rosens are "Paying a visit" to the Johansens. Other awards, honours and recognitions: 140 0 Totals: Wins 240 References : Amitabh Bachchan (IPA: [əmɪˈtaːbʱ ˈbəttʃən]; born 11 October 1942) is an Indian film actor. She wonders how it is possible to number the stars in the sky and remembers Ellen saying that her mother is afraid of the ocean because her mother thinks that it is cold and cruel. He tells Annemarie that many Jewish people, including the Rosens, were hiding in his boat. In the morning, Annemarie sees her mother crawling in the distance because she had broken her ankle. Before Alan Menken joined the group in 2020, Hamlisch had the most Oscars of any Grand Slam winners (three - all won in the same year). The story centers on ten-year-old Annemarie Johansen, who lives with her mother, father, and sister Kirsti in Copenhagen in 1943.

America Award in memory of the Italy-USA Foundation in 2015. [26] He is also the first, and to date only EGOT recipient to have won both a competitive Primetime and Daytime Emmy Award. The soldiers see Ellen's dark hair and become suspicious because the Johansens have blond hair, and Ellen has brown hair. The next day, Henrik says that Annemarie's Great-Aunt Birte has died. She was the fifth person to complete the feat and the first to do so posthumously. Having completed the showbiz Grand Slam at age 28, she is the youngest winner, and with just six years elapsing between her first award (a 1964 Grammy) and her final award (a 1970 Special Tony), Streisand also completed the Grand Slam in the shortest amount of time. After helping her mother back to the house, Annemarie finds a packet of great importance to the Resistance. Ellen's parents have fled with Peter, the former fiancé of Annemarie's older sister, Lise, who died years before. [1][4] As of 2020[update], sixteen people have accomplished this feat.[5]. [14][15] Alan Menken has a REGOT due to his Razzie win with Jack Feldman for Worst Original Song for “High Times, Hard Times" from Newsies.

She was also in the Resistance. In September 2017, actor Sean Astin announced that he had spent the last ten years attempting to get a film adaptation greenlit. People who have won a Pulitzer, and are only missing one EGOT award: Of these five, only Miranda and Sondheim are still alive as of 2020[update]. She risks her life to help her best friend, Ellen Rosen, by pretending that Ellen is Annemarie's late older sister, Lise, who was killed earlier in the war by the Nazi army because of her work with the Danish Resistance. Luckily, Lise had brown hair as an infant. She is one of the only two EGOT winners (the other being Jonathan Tunick) to not win multiple awards in any of the four award fields.

The story's title is taken from a reference to Psalm 147:4 in which the writer relates that God has numbered all the stars and named each of them. Peter opens the casket and gives the warm clothing and blankets concealed inside it to the Jewish families. Tim Rice (born 1944), a lyricist and producer, received his fourth distinct award in 2018. There are Nazis on every street corner in Copenhagen. Ellen and her family are Jewish. (Streisand has not received a competitive Tony, Minnelli has not received a competitive Grammy, and Belafonte, James Earl Jones, and Quincy Jones have not received a competitive Oscar.). Two years later, the war in Europe ends, and all of Denmark celebrates. He first gained popularity in the early 1970s for movies like Zanjeer and Deewaar, and was dubbed India's first "angry young man" for his on-screen roles in Bollywood. Tony Walton is the only costume/set designer to win three different awards. At the synagogue, the Nazis have taken the names and addresses of all Jewish people in Copenhagen. "[4], In addition to winning numerous awards, the book has been one of the best-selling children's books of all time.

Annemarie becomes a part of the events related to the rescue of the Danish Jews, when thousands of Jews were helped to reach neutral ground in Sweden to avoid being relocated to concentration camps. She also received the Peabody Award, the AFI Life Achievement Award, the Kennedy Center Honor, the Cecil B. DeMille Award, the National Medal of Arts, the American Society of Cinematographers Board of Governors Award, and the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Annemarie thinks that the night sky and the world are also cold and cruel. Between 1984 and 2019, Rudin received a total of 20 awards making him the record holder for most awards won among the people who have won all four awards in competitive categories, up until Alan Menken displaced him with 21 wins in 2020.

[18] She is also the first Hispanic winner and the first winner to win a Grammy as their second award (both previous winners won Tonys as their second award). There are Nazis on every street corner in Copenhagen.

In May 1959, at a star-studded banquet in the Beverly Hilton, the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences handed out 28 Grammys. He is also the quickest having won his last award (Oscar) 9 years & 8 months after his first. Tied with Sufjan Stevens for the song "Mystery of Love" from Call Me by ... More. Hayes was also the first person to win the Triple Crown of Acting, with singular (non-group/ensemble/company) acting wins in each of the Emmy, Oscar and Tony awards, winning her third in 1953. Butter, sugar, coffee, and cigarettes are rationed.

He is also the second person (after Audrey Hepburn) to not win any multiple awards in any of the four award fields. Critical and popular reactions were positive. A variation of the accomplishment is the PEGOT, though there are conflicting definitions. Two years later, the war in Europe ends, and all of Denmark celebrates. Burnett's Tony Award was non-competitive. Between 1977 and 1997, Tunick received a total of four awards. Gielgud was the first winner to win any award other than the Oscar as their first award (his first award was a Tony). Nominated – Academy Award for Best Original Song, The Grammy Awards began in 1958, after two peaks of Sinatra's recording career had already happened, but Sinatra still won eleven Grammy Awards – his work was nominated over 30 times – in his career and has been presented with the Grammy Hall of Fame Award along with the Academy's highest honours, their Lifetime, and Legend Awards.

The following artists have also received all of the four major awards. She gives Henrik an envelope that contains a handkerchief. At age 87 when he won his Emmy, he was also the oldest winner, and is the first LGBT winner. After they leave, the wake continues. Between 1980 and 2018, Lloyd Webber received a total of 13 awards. Between 1932 and 1980, Hayes received a total of 7 awards. Mike Nichols (1931–2014), a director, actor and comedian, received his fourth distinct award in November 2001. Between 1963 and 2001, Streisand received a total of 18 awards. When they question Annemarie about what she is doing out so early, she lies that she is taking a basket with a meal to her uncle. Annemarie and Ellen wake up, and Annemarie breaks the Star of David necklace off Ellen's neck.

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