A special thank you to FI for the insightful knowledge as it provided me much help along the way. In the mid-late 1950s, he had developed the first fantasy sport, fantasy golf, in which each participant would draft a team of professional golfers and the lowest combined …

Mousalimas died in May 2020 at age 95. Andy shares details on the first fantasy draft in 1963, and how the game evolved through the years. FI has been a league staple for decades, one of my guys has every edition. WA

Fantasy Index does not sell personal information. The mailer I get with the questions on the front is what I consider the beginning of the fantasy football season. Thats how he made his millions. Answer Save. Just a fan saying thanks and will keep up with you and the site through the season. Mousalimas is considered a major figure in fantasy football’s early growth. These providers typically operate at no charge and are easy to use for even the least computer or football literate, making the game extremely accessible to players of all skill levels. "I was just too busy." Winkenbach and the other players built the rules of fantasy football while on the trip, and polished the rules of the game after their return. ANSWER 0 Bobinator ANSWERS: 1.

"We were the first to start it, and it just mushroomed from there. Fantasy football was evolved from a niche pastime for diehard fans into a multibillion-dollar industry in the decades since its invention. Our fantasy pool is entering its 25th year and I have used multiple books and on-line tools over the years. Peace!

This week I'm in two championship games and a semifinal. We love you guys. Fantasy football, the close relative of these two earlier games, was born in a room of the Manhattan Hotel (now the Milford Plaza) on 700 8th Avenue in New York, during the Raiders' 1962 East Coast road swing when Winkenbach met with two writers for the Oakland Tribune -- Scotty Stirling (the beat reporter) and George Ross (the sports editor) -- and threw out his new idea for discussion. "You don't see the game on the screen, you see one guy throwing the ball or one guy running the ball. The obsessiveness which has become the hallmark of many fantasy football leagues appeared early in the game's history. I keep the Fantasy Football Index handy and refer back to your preseason reports throughout the season to help me evaluate roster moves in every format. caters to fantasy leagues," he said. Based on his interviews with George Ross and Scotty Stirling, Luke believes that the game was conceived in the fall of 1962, although the first draft is generally understood to have occurred in 1963. The draft came and dad was sitting in the 12 hole for his pick.

I will be continue to purchase your magazine, and recommend it to others, although I don't like to give away my secret! "It probably would have made a few bucks if we could have copyrighted or patented it.". Ever the teacher, dad explained he had purchased the Fantasy Football Index update and read Holmes would get the goal line carries. Winkenbach joined with Bill Tunnel (PR man for the Raiders), Scotty Stirling (a sports writer in Oakland), and two other sports writers to build a fantasy football league of eight teams. A little feedback from a long time customer. Altruist. "I originally quit because I didn't have the time," Stirling said. The Founders look back on the 50th year of fantasy football.

And more. Mousalimas died in May 2020 at age 95.

Though two of the founding fathers and many players worked at the city's major daily newspaper, they never wrote about it, never consciously publicized it. Winkenbach saw it all, long before many of you were born. The draft came and dad was sitting in the 12 hole for his pick. Why? A prominent figure in the East Bay Area during his life and financially successful in the tile business, Winkenbach died March 7, 1993 at the age of 81. /* FantasySportsHero.com, Left Side, 160x600, created 10/31/10 */

For all that intensity, the game remained small. Whereas now, the influence of personal computers and the massive fantasy audience via the Internet have changed the game, fantasy football at its roots was an insider's pasttime.

I typically don't write emails to magazines, but after 3 wins in a row, and others which I did not list, I felt like you would like to know. Though the name eventually changed, fantasy football remained the same because the original all-night birthing project produced a workable scoring scheme that required little or no modification. Most fantasy leagues are now hosted online through web-based providers such as CBS, ESPN, NFL.com, and Yahoo. Whoever your sources are for the forecasts are the best. Footy Area takes a dive into history to find out who invented the gegenpress tactics. The fantasy sports industry attracted more than 59 million players as of 2017, according to the FSGA. I've won championships in leagues and money playing Daily Fantasy and your Training Camp updates are the highlight of my summer and a recurring order for me every single season. Since 2003 (Ricky Williams cover), I've protected my source of information and have gone out of my way to hide Fantasy Football Index from my leagues prying eyes. Interesting to see how much more accurate you were at the end of the year compared to other books my competitors used.


He threw out the idea and we played around with it.". Eventually, Winkenbach (who was a sports fanatic and part owner of the Oakland Raiders football team) moved on to baseball.

In 1962 the founding fathers of fantasy football created a game that today inspires, infatuates and confounds millions of players. FI has been a league staple for decades, one of my guys has every edition. We canʼt go a season without it. The idea behind his golf game was to build your own team of professional golfers and follow their progress through golf tournaments. Three playoff teams! He told me he felt very comfortable about who he was going to select but would not tell me who his prized gem was to be. In a country filled with fantasy football junkies, the fathers of the game gave it up cold turkey. I have used your product for the past 18 years or so… Every now and then I will be tempted and look at what other magazines have to offer, quickly realizing no one comes close. "It came out of his having played these other games and out of his interest in football. Who invented fantasy football? Michael Thomas' off-field antics. The game traces its origins back to 1962. 1 team I would consider mine and the other 5 teams I was playing against. "About three years ago I ran into Bill and he told me, 'I told you we should have copyrighted the damn thing,'" Stirling said. "If you get out this way -- you're lost," Ross said.

My dad and I have subscribed since I was 10 years old and I am 38 now.

You have a customer for life! That first league included two people who assembled real-life NFL championship teams: Scotty Stirling (Oakland, Super Bowl II), and Pro Football Hall Of Famer Ron Wolf (Green Bay, Super Bowl XXXI). Thanks for another great season of Fantasy Index, you avoid group-think and form your own opinions, and always have. He told me he felt very comfortable about who he was going to select but would not tell me who his prized gem was to be.

“It has been a seismic shift in how the game is consumed and the level of interest. In this edition: Andy Dalton's potential in Dallas.

An insider's game? “I challenge anybody to come up with a single element in the history of football that has changed and progressed the game more than fantasy football has,” Paul Charchian, president of the Fantasy Sports & Gaming Association, told Sports Business Journal last fall. My dad and I have subscribed since I was 10 years old and I am 38 now.

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