Jude asks why. Dana, Dana Adams Robert, Robert Quinn

Connor proudly showing his blue nail polish to Jude. Connor smiles at Jude, who is clearly happy.

Both episodes are set in 2014. Danny Nucci In the season 2 finale, The End of the Beginning, Connor finally gets to see Jude. 'The Fosters' star Gavin Macintosh says that jealous issues could plague Jude and Connor's long distance relationship. When Jude apologizes and expresses his confusion, Connor kisses him. Connor easily remarks "Dancing... it's a gay dance, right?" Connor asks why he doesn't want to shoot, and he answers that he simply "doesn't need to".

Mr. Stevens looks at the two before closing the door, leaving.

Connor as Jude tells him that he loves him.

Daria convincing everyone to go on a group date. Connor answers in silence.

It is unknown how the two met, although presumably through school, and sometime before Light of Day in season 2.

The two begin to lean in just before Callie bursts through the door, telling Connor that his dad is there looking for him.
Aimed at the target, Connor fires, but immediately has a series of flashbacks to his time being shot from Justify the Means. Emma

Jude reminds him of this and then brings up how during the movie theater he had held his hand and how he's been acting toward him.

Connor makes out with Daria during lunch while a jealous Jude and annoyed Taylor watch. Connor asking to go along with Jude for gun shooting. 7 Episodes (2014-2016), Norman Buckley Connor asking Jude if he told anyone "what they did".

Jude and Connor exchange weird looks when Mariana asks the Ouija board if she is ever going to have a boyfriend to act as a "test question".
Trust us.

However, Donald states that while he doesn't want his kid being bullied, he wants him to be proud of who he is. Jude inquires as to how long Daria and Connor have been together, to which she answers "like 5 minutes ago", but are, according to Daria, really close. Their game of catch soon turns into a playful round of wrestling, which results with Connor pinning Jude to the ground on top of him.

As a result, when he and Callie went into the system, they never told anyone about it. While eating his sandwich, Connor and Jude looked at each other and Jude notices that Connor is wearing blue nail polish as well. 6 Episodes (2015-2017), Lee Rose

Born in Lakewood, Colorado and raised in Littleton, Colorado, Byerly moved to Los Angeles in 2011 to pursue a professional career after winning first prize in an acting competition. Despite this, he understands that he means well. 7 Episodes (2013-2017), Rob Morrow

I really had no education or knowledge of anything that was going on before "The Fosters."

In Sixteen, Jesus intercepts a text message on Jude's phone, and notices that Connor has sexted Jude. When Mike proposes a toast to Lena and Stef as their hostesses, they add on to also toast to the "amazing men" in their lives. Jude remarks how he's been to seven different foster homes - he's had to share his room with a lot of kids he didn't know.

You can't see the person and there is a lot of jealousy going on. Connor telling Jude he is going to go live with his mother. Specifically, they face trouble in deciding how public they wish for their relationship to be - with Connor wanting to go public and Jude private. Jude asks if his mother's spirit was there. Anchor Beach community charter school alumni, https://theadamsfosters.fandom.com/wiki/Connor_Stevens?oldid=2581. [3][4], In 2010, MacIntosh began his acting career with a starring role in the dramatic short film Turns. 2 Episodes (2014-2014), Annika Marks

Daria, emotional, demands to know why he broke up with her.

He pauses in his step to ask Jude if he'll see him tomorrow.

MacIntosh and Byerly's kiss was also listed in the 7 Best Moments From ABC Family The Wrap Rewind 2015. During this, his father expresses anger towards Lena for allowing Connor to share a tent with Jude on a school camping trip without his permission. 104 Episodes (2013-2018), Peter Paige

At the prom, Jude and Connor walk in and are clearly nervous.

In class, Connor comes into the room and sits by Jude. 1 Episode (2013), Nzingha Stewart He makes his debut in The Morning After. Will

She adds on how her dad's goal was to never have to use his gun and how he succeeded in never using it and never got shot at once - which is something they can't say. Stef and Lena then proceed to take their picture repeatedly, bringing Connor to hold Jude's hand when he appears nervous to it. He says he's been with boys who refused to call themselves gay and how it only means they're just curious and end up "dumping you and breaking your baby gay heart".

Jude teams up with Daria's best friend, Taylor, who comments on how it sucks being "sexiled" when your best friend ditches you for their "new boo". However, Jude ignores him. They also shared a tent together at Connor's idea, despite Jude reminding him about his father, unsupervised.

It is then revealed that Jude had lied about what happened in the tent - what really happened is that Connor kissed him. Connor simply remarks that Daria is hot before asking Jude if he liked Taylor.

Connor then admits how he doesn't remember much after being shot, but that he sometimes dreams about it.

There are two kinds of actors in the world: actors who act, and actors who above all that make a difference through acting.

Sympathetic, Jude pats him on his back. Later, when Lena accidentally reveals to Adam that Connor and Jude came out at school, Adam angrily and publicly confronts him about this.

Connor stares him nervously, clearly hesitant. "The Fosters" airs Mondays at 8 p.m. EST on Freeform (previously ABC Family).

Connor tells him how his dad believes Jude to be gay and, hence, doesn't want Connor over at his house anymore. The two soon break the awkward tension as Connor gives Jude tips on winning his tablet game, joining him side by side on the bed. Gavin MacIntosh is an American actor.

Momentarily speechless, Connor defends their relationship, boldly answering yes and demanding to know if that is an issue for him.

Connor tells him that he never said the entire event was his idea.

Amanda Connor says yeah, although they just got there. 2 Episodes (2013-2014), David Ehrman

So, I'm very thankful for the opportunity to spread that message that it is ok to be who you are. Connor catches up with Jude in the hallways and asks where he was at lunch since he was looking for him.

She also suggests to the group that they all "get drunk and make out" before looking at Jude and gestures her head to Connor, who is grinning at him. He believes Connor may be abused by his dad, not wanting to talk to him about how he got a black eye. There are just a handful of shows that mean something and spread a positive message to fans and viewers.

When Jude abruptly leaves, Connor can be seen visibly worried. Jude asks him if he still plans on going the pier with Daria and Connor says no given his dad's absence and is supposed to stay there until he picks him up. Gavin MacIntosh (born March 22, 1999) is an American actor. Jude takes the information in before asking him if he was, what would Connor think of the situation. Connor appears confused by his question, and Jude tells him if he was, in fact, gay would Connor not want to come over to his house anymore.

On the dated night, Connor is with the girls and waiting for Jude. Not wanting to wake Connor or his parents up, Jude leaves a note for Connor to find explaining where he went.

While there, Connor, Jude, and Mariana experiment with an Ouija board. When the Adams-Fosters go to the courthouse for Callie's adoption, he is seen with them as support. Connor later gets a girlfriend named Daria in order to please his father, but this decision ends up straining his relationship with Jude.

He tries to make lighthearted conversation with Jude, saying how they'll likely be the only guys in the theater, who smiles brightly. This remarks leaves Connor at a loss for words, who finally just says that he can't.

In Lucky, Connor considers moving to Los Angeles to live with his mother after his father still proves to be unaccepting of his homosexuality, after walking in on him making out with Jude in his room and reacting badly to it. Upon hearing this, Connor asks him if he is sure and Jude says yes. Afterwards, he and Daria shortly go off together and arrive back on the scene to Taylor and Jude, who gets up and says he should head back home. Later in the episode, Connor can be seen smiling and clapping during Jude's official adoption and having a good time at the Fosters house during the post-adoption celebration. Connor says he didn't. The news was a devastating blow for boyfriend Jude (Hayden Byerly).

His relationship with Jude is strained when Jude makes the request to keep their relationship private and hesitates to label himself gay.

Connor enjoying himself during the party. Connor asks what plans he has. 1 Episode (2015), Jann Turner Macintosh: I'm not really allowed to say, but it definitely adds more drama to a relationship that is already very traumatic. Connor then offers that if they sneak out with the girls after teepeeing, that they can spend time together afterwards by themselves and raises his eyebrows and gestures in double meaning. After Mariana's performance, he claps along with the crowd and can be seen dancing again beside Jude.

The two smile at each other and eat in comfortable silence. This, all of which, is unknown to his father. https://goodtrouble.fandom.com/wiki/Connor_Stevens?oldid=95525. Connor is a tall, handsome young boy with hazel eyes, slightly sun-kissed skin, and short dark blonde hair. His relationship with his father is shown to still be struggling, often hurt by his dad's negative opinion about him being gay.

Your new favorite show is right here.

Connor and Jude meeting Jonah and Lenin at prom.

He portrayed Connor Stevens in the Fosters ABC Family series, The Fosters. The Fosters (2013–2018) Series Cast & Crew. Jude says that he changed his mind, but Connor thinks the only reason Jude is interested in Maddie all of a sudden is that he told Jude that he himself was. 104 Episodes (2013-2018), Hayden Byerly During a game of Spin the Bottle, Connor is picked first to kiss Maddie.

IBT: Do you think a better relationship could develop between Adam and Jude while they are both back in San Diego missing Connor?

She asks him if something happened.

Download the TV Guide app for iPhone, iPad and Android! Connor in the office when his black eye is reported to Lena.

Connor then takes a photo of the cupcakes on his phone and asks if they can eat them now. Connor's trauma from getting shot in the foot becomes too overwhelming for him after he fires the gun.

He then asks Jude if it is alright if he asked her out. Good Trouble Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Over that time, they have added biological relatives, friendships, colleagues, and romances.

Despite the two wanting to be friends, Connor is unable to stand up to his dad, but still continues to spend time with Jude regardless.

52 Episodes (2013-2015), Noah Centineo Maddie gives him a quick kiss to which Connor appears disappointed. Jude then says that they were the only guys in their grade who were gay, and vocalizes that he believes this is the reason for them getting together. A lot of fans thought that was teasing a breakup?

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